Best Options for Home Garage Floor Coverings

Style applies to everything nowadays. From the way you cut bushes near your house to the way you dress when chilling out there. Your garage isn’t an exception. While many people consider it a warehouse for all unnecessary things and a place that needs no redecoration, others put much effort into making it look at its best.

We’re on the second group’s side, here with a list of options for garage floor covering and coatings. The floor defines the overall look, adds freshness, color, and aesthetics to the place.

All of the options below are good for their reasons. You should choose depending on:

  • Budget;
  • Needs;
  • Design decisions;
  • Functionality.

And, of course, make sure you find reliable material manufacturers, no matter which type of floor coating or covering you choose. And call professionals to do the job if needed!

Option #1: Floor Paint

The first two options are coatings.

Keep in mind that this isn’t ordinary paint. You should get a special type for concrete floors. The paint works well for old floors with stains of oil and rust. Usually, latex or epoxy are added there to make the product more durable.

You can choose any type, but make sure it has a non-slip finish. Otherwise, the floor will be beautiful and glossy but impossible to walk or store anything on.

Option #2: Floor Epoxy

Epoxy coatings are considered a kind of paint, but they are not. While the application is very very similar, the hardening process is different. Paint hardens easily with air; epoxy uses a more complex chemical reaction between it and the catalyst.

The material allows you to create awesome designs that will actually last. Epoxy offers superior durability to regular or epoxy paints.

By the way, don’t confuse the latter with a whole epoxy coating. The paint only has a little bit of resin added for a better finish. But it’s not as long-lasting.

Option #3: Floor Mats

These two options are coverings.

The easiest way to change the look of your garage (aside from actually tidying it up) is rolling out floor mats. No preparation is needed for the concrete, and such mats will cover all kinds of stains and damage. The rolls are made from polyvinyl plastic and are quite textured, preventing slipping.

Option #4: Floor Tiles

The type of tile for the garage floor is up to you. It’s OK to use the same ones you have all over the house floors. However, since the place is abused more, you may need extra durability to make the change last.

Rough plastic, wood, or rubber tiles work best here. They will hide all the cracks and terrible stains you have there after years of vehicle repairs and construction materials storing.

Think about what you’ll store in the garage and how durable your floor should be there. Also, think about the design of it and which option will suit best there. All of these are quite long-lasting if you buy high-quality materials and prepare the floor well.

Also, make sure to inspect it every once in a while and do small repairs to preserve the beauty and quality for a longer time.

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