Best Advertising Methods For A Construction Business

Reaching new clients doesn’t need to be difficult. Whether online or on paper, there are many advertising opportunities to suit your unique needs and budget.

Advertising remains the most effective method through which to obtain new clients. It will also support you in retaining existing ones – the advert acting as a prompt to an existing relationship.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is still in fashion. Despite declining sales, 2.7 billion people across the world read a newspaper every day. The emergence of digital and mobile advertising landscapes has hindered readership somewhat, but the humble newspaper remains a major consideration when investing in advertising.

Many consumers requiring work, such as construction, still consult the newspaper for this task. Having the name of your business front and centre will grab the reader’s attention, especially if it features on a prominent page and is eye-catching. 

Advertising in your local newspaper is advantageous too, because it shows a commitment to the area in which your business is based. Offering local people a discount goes even further towards building brand image within the community.

You could even consider sponsoring a certain section of a newspaper. Featuring in every issue creates long-term brand association.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the successor to print advertising and emerged along with the internet. You could advertise your construction business on the website of a national newspaper, or on another popular website. 

You could build knowledge of your brand through Google ads, which will present themselves to potential customers browsing the web.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising came into existence in the 2000s with the invention of the first smartphones and social media platforms. 

People spend a significant amount of their leisure time looking at their mobile phones, and so advertising here can reap great rewards for your company.

Connect with a younger demographic by paying relevant pages to include you in their Instagram story, or alternatively, buy a Facebook advert.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising became a viable option upon the completion of the first railway line. Business at the time reached out to the train companies to be included on the route so passengers would see the billboards from the carriage windows.

Outdoor advertising opportunities have persisted since then, and are perhaps the most common form of advertising seen by commuters in cities and towns.

You could pay to feature on static or digital billboards in the town centre, or on the motorway. This will vastly increase the number of people seeing your advert.

Vehicle Advertising

An easy and cheaper long-term solution to advertising is to have your brand name plastered onto your company vehicles. Companies like TSM Signs bring this quirky advertising method to life. 

Use your brand colors, logo and key details such as telephone number to stand out.


Advertising has never been easier with so many new and quirky options available. Whatever opportunity you choose, you can guarantee a boost for your brand, for your customer base and for your profits.

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