Benefits of Installing Automatic Doors

There are many types of automatic doors on the market to choose from. What you will need to do is find one that best suits your needs. To make your life easier, this article is going to explain automatic door installation: Automatic door installation does not only entail the purchase of a new door. It also means making sure that your existing door operates in its best condition so you will not have to purchase a whole new system. This can be rather confusing and most people tend to leave it until the very last moment. Here are the basic facts on how automatic door installation works:

1. The Optical Sensor

When an automatic door installation is being carried out, the motorized opening and shutting functions of automatic doors are triggered by the use of optical sensors or motion detection sensors. When the doors open, the motorized system will detect the presence of a person or object outside the home and will activate the opening process. Once a person is detected, the system will either slow down or halt the movement. This is all done automatically and without any human intervention.

2. Motion Sensors

Another essential element to automatic door installation is the usage of motion detectors. The detectors are used to sense movements such as foot or vehicle motion. You can choose between open and close motion detection. For additional security, an additional obstruction sensor may be installed. These added elements can help prevent burglars from breaking in through the doors because if they can see the movement they will not want to open the door.

3. Sliding Doors:

Sliding doors are another type of automatic door installation option. Sliding doors are normally used on entry ways to hotels, pools, hospitals, and apartment buildings. They provide the convenience of two-way doors along with the security of multi-point security. In an apartment building, a front glass wall will divide sliding glass patio doors. These doors also have deadbolts which make them difficult to force open.

4. Patio Gates

Installing automatic door installation gates will provide easy access to your yard. Most of these gates are equipped with sensors that will detect when someone approaches them. Once the gate senses the person, it opens and becomes a barrier to anyone who wants to enter the yard. Most of these gates are equipped with external sensors and they will detect the presence of people, pets, and other animals. If you have a pool, an additional gate can be installed along with a sprinkler system.

5. Home Security

One of the benefits of installing automatic doors by Hortonautomatics is their increased security. Because these doors are controlled by a remote, they eliminate the need for a human intruder to unlock the door. When an unauthorized person tries to force open the door, the sensor will detect the motion and will trigger the exterior doors to swing open. These doors are especially effective in homes with teenage inhabitants because of their ease of use and added security. These doors can also reduce the chance for robbery in homes where homeowners entertain frequently. They make homeowners feel safer and more secure because they do not have to worry about intruders being able to easily enter their homes.



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