Beginner tips for TikTok

The first time you hear about the name of this social media network, you may imagine it has something to do with the sound a watch makes or has something to do with watches. In a way, it does, since users may be under pressure like a ticking time bomb when creating content within 15 seconds. TikTok is one of the newest social media platforms that has come with a bang and is not slowing down.

With over 300 million users, consisting mostly of Generation Z due to its entertainment value, the platform is becoming hard for businesses to ignore. Marketing to Generation Z has proven difficult over time and TikTok is looking like the potential answer to this challenge. To make the best of it to capture the attention of its users, there are some pointers that brands should be aware of.

Hashtags need to be used

Hashtags are popular and useful across almost all social media platforms. One of the biggest beneficiaries of hashtags is TikTok. Hashtags group similar content and bring attention toward that content for users who may want to participate whether through comments or creating similar content. TikTok has several hashtags that have become viral and allow many other users to create similar content to join in on the fun. This is a surefire way to bring more eyeballs to your page, which is why a growth service like TokUpgrade, where you can buy TikTok followers, uses this to help get more followers. Brands such as Chipotle and Nike have taken advantage of hashtags to create fun and engaging content that brings more awareness to their brands and creates new customers.

Socialize with others

Social media is all about engaging with other users virtually. Socializing on TikTok can be through commenting on viral videos, liking or resharing content that should create conversations. In some cases, recreating viral content or creating your own, prompts attention toward your page. Rather than going to where the user’s attention is, you can bring it to yourself through the content you create that is entertaining, engaging, and relatable. At the end of the day, relatable content makes it more sentimental for users and can create a level of attachment to your brand.

Choose a niche

You may get excited at the realization of how big the user base on TikTok is. This makes some brands imagine they can reach all of it but that is an impossible and unrealistic task given there are so many tastes and preferences among users. The more efficient route is targeting a niche for example skincare, comedy skits, and cat videos. Depending on your interests and target audience, you can choose a niche and users to follow where you can learn what works and does not in terms of grabbing the attention of the type of users you want paying attention to your page.

Entertaining content

Most people who use TikTok are not there to get updates on the latest news or environmental stories, they are there for entertainment. Specifically, entertainment that is short, sweet, relatable, and memorable. Most of the content on TikTok is funny probably based on memes or animals that are doing random activities that make people laugh. For brands to take advantage of entertaining content, they must keep an eye out on trends, dances, challenges, and visual effects used by viral content to learn and use similar tactics to create their custom content or reshare already viral content. Creating great content requires recording short entertaining videos with a catchy musical background.


Brands are starting to pay attention to the benefits that TikTok can provide for them. Despite this, it is a relatively new platform that many may not be familiar with and has different dynamics from most of the already popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The popular demographics also differ which means success on TikTok needs a different approach to capitalize on its benefits.

By taking into account hashtags, niches, entertaining content, and socializing with others, brands can make the most of it. In taking advantage of it, they may get a foothold in the market share of generation Z which has proven difficult for most businesses until TikTok came along.


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