Automatic Commercial Door Installation & History

1. History

The first automatic doors that can be open and closed by the push of a button are thought to have been invented in 1964. They were invented by Richard Lazarus and Alva Cosey for a “maid service”. They operated on an electric motor and were operated through a string of pulleys. They required manual intervention to close and to open them.

Automatic doors became very popular all over the world, especially in corporate environments, and are now being installed in homes and offices in cities all over the country.

2. Types of automatic motor

There are two types of motor that are used in automatic doors. The first is a corded motor, which requires the use of a battery and a charge cord. This type of motor is usually very noisy, as well as somewhat costly to maintain. The second, and most modern, type of automatic door is a magnetic motor. This type of motor is quiet and quite energy efficient.

If you are interested in purchasing any type of automatic door, whether they are corded or magnetic, you should be prepared to spend a little bit of money. You will also need to have the proper tools so that you can install them. Because of this, many people who choose to purchase such doors will hire a contractor to install them.3. Who to hire for installation

Commercial Door Services are professional installers and service technicians of all Manual and Automatic Doors, which include overhead doors, sectional, swing hung, gliding, and carriage-house doors. They have the knowledge and experience to work on all sorts of doors for commercial as well as industrial premises.

Door Service technicians are trained and certified by the door installation industry’s trade associations. The technicians use equipment and techniques which give the best results possible. They use modern techniques and high-tech equipment to ensure the smooth opening and closing of doors.

All door services provide a wide range of commercial door installations, including automatic doors, swing hung doors, sliding doors, and carriage-house doors. The door installation specialists will advise you on what type of door is required for your business or commercial premises.

All doors require regular maintenance to maintain the efficiency and safety of the door systems. Therefore it is very important to choose the right professionals to carry outdoor servicing and maintenance services for you.

Door Hardware

In addition to commercial door services, door hardware is another area of specialty where professionals perform a high-quality service. The quality of the door hardware has a direct impact on how well your doors operate. The right door hardware can increase the life of your doors by reducing corrosion and rusting. The door hardware also makes your doors look attractive and more stylish.

To keep your commercial doors in good condition, professional installation is essential. Professional installers will offer a range of commercial door services to improve the overall performance of your doors. They will install commercial doors with high-quality equipment and provide a guarantee for their workmanship.

The commercial door services offered include commercial door repairs, commercial door installation, commercial door wiring, roller door installation, spring-bolt lockouts, etc.

The door services also include providing emergency assistance if your doors are damaged or need updating.





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