Alternate Storage Solutions When You Move

Moving means there are a lot of things to plan and to take care of before the big day. One of the most important is packing up your things as efficiently as possible so that it’s convenient when you unpack. Your new home may have different storage capacities, or you may need certain items in certain rooms.

However, in some cases, you may need temporary storage for your belongings while you are moving. You may need to vacate your current home before the other one is available, for instance. Another reason might be that you are renovating the new home and it is not ready for all of your stuff to move in. Whatever the reason, finding alternate storage solutions will help make your move simpler. Here are some possible options. Any one could be your best choice, depending on your situation and the distance of move.

With The Mover

Are you using long distance movers for your move? When you are moving over a long distance, such as between states, it can be tricky to time the availability of both houses. Luckily, many movers offer solutions to make it as easy as possible on you. They can move your stuff out of the old home and store it until you are ready to receive it. This is especially handy on long moves, since they can store things where it is most convenient for you. This way, the items can be handled a minimum amount of times, and they are handled by professionals at every step of the process. You can watch them get loaded, and then you don’t have to worry about your belongings until you are ready for them.


There is also the option of renting a storage unit with a self-storage provider. This is a handy choice for many people, because it allows them to access their belongings whenever they need. Often, this option is used when there is less space inside the old home due to renovations or cleaning, or to make the home look less cluttered for showing to potential buyers.

This solution is not always the best option for long distance moves, since you would need to move your belongings into the unit, then out again, and then into your new home. Many people find this to be a very helpful solution for local moves, since they will be close by and can access their stuff at any time. It allows them to move into a new home gradually, which can be handy if there are renovations or other reasons why space might be limited.

On-Site Storage Container

Renting an on-site storage container is another good option. This involves having a large storage container brought to your home and placed somewhere on your property. If this is for the old home, then you can move your stuff into it as you pack it, without having to load up a vehicle or navigate through a storage facility. Your belongings will always be accessible, since they will never leave your property. When you are ready to move, the container can be picked up and transported to your new home, where it can be emptied right away, or left on your property for a gradual move-in.

One drawback is that they are not usually climate controlled. That means that there will be a limit to what you can store. You may not want to store any small valuables in a container either, just in case.

When you are moving homes, it’s always a good idea to find things that will make it easier. You have enough to worry about, so storage space shouldn’t be one of them. Choose the alternate storage option that works best for you, and check that task off of your long list.









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