All Safety Glass Types & Uses at Your Home

Safety is crucial when dealing with glass at your home. There are many safety glass types that function well for these purposes. Additionally, there are certain rooms within a home that deserve more attention when it comes to safety glass types. Let’s go over everything you need to know about safety glass types and their uses within your home.

Safety glass types that you should incorporate with your interior

There are several different types of safety glass that can be used within a home. The variety of choices provides a means to make several aspects of your home safe and visually appealing. Here are some of the popular safety glass types that people often use within their homes.


Polycarbonate is known for its strength and flexibility. Keep in mind that Polycarbonate isn’t actually glass, it’s a clear plastic that is made to look like glass. Its transparency gives itself a number of different practical uses. Polycarbonate is basically everywhere, and you’ve probably used a product with polycarbonate without realizing it. The durability and transparency of polycarbonate work together to make it a perfect solution for safety purposes.

Georgian wired glass

Georgian wired glass, also known as GW glass, is one of the top options for safety purposes, earning it the nickname of “safety glass”. As the name suggests, Georgian wired glass is manufactured with wire mesh within the glass. This makes the glass stronger and more resistant to shattering and breaking. Additionally, Georgian wired glass is also more resistant to fire than other types of glass.

Bullet-resistant glass

Bullet proof glass is a transparent and strong material that is known for its strong resistance to projectiles. Bullet proof glass is not completely impenetrable, but it is extremely safer than typically glass solutions. The bullet-resistant properties are achieved by combining two or more layers of glass, with at least one soft layer and one hard layer.

Impact-resistant glass

You may have heard of impact-resistant glass referred to as hurricane-resistant or storm-resistant. To achieve its resistant properties, the glass is treated with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). While these windows still may break when faced with intense pressure, how they break makes them much safer. The windows will shatter in a spider-web pattern rather than sending out dangerous shards of glass.

Which safety glass type is best?

Different safety glass types – ideal for different places

The best safety glass type for your home really depends on the area where you will be making use of it. Different types of safety glass work well in unique circumstances, so you will have to research accordingly, where you will use the glass.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass panels is one of the most popular options for safety glass that is found within homes. Some uses include shower doors and enclosures, windows, sliding doors, skylights, glass balconies, swimming pools, and much more.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is suitable for large windows and railings. Since it is a great glass in terms of the security it offers, it will also work well for doors and side panels. Last, laminated glass can also be used for things like shelving, furniture, and mirrors.


There are many different uses for plexiglass within a home. Let’s start off in the kitchen. Plexiglass is great for backsplashes, coffee tables, and glass cabinets. We can also use it for home décor such as picture frames and wall shelves. Plexiglass also makes for a perfect glass shower enclosure.

Areas where safety glass is essential to install

In the kids room

A kids’ room in your home is a place where safety is a top priority. This is true when it comes to the windows, the doors, and the railings leading up to the room.

Terrace and staircase railings

Glass railings are only safe when the correct type of safety glass is used. When done correctly, glass railings are perfectly safe to use.

Windows of the buildings

Using safety glass in windows is a way to make your home more secure. For example, if you want to have bullet-proof windows in an area where crime is higher, you can do that. Or, if you live in an area where weather conditions are more extreme, impact-resistant glass is an option.

Glass shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures are a safe and beautiful option to incorporate into your bathroom’s design. Plexiglass is a popular option for glass shower enclosures, and will provide you with the safety that you’re looking for. Also, if you want an economic option, a tempered glass shower enclosure is safer one compared to annealed glass.


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