Air Compressor Uses You Didn’t Know

Bright green portable air compressor and accessories for indoor use.

If you drive a vehicle, chances are you’ve used an air compressor to put air in your tires at a gas station. But beyond that, do you know what you can use an air compressor for?

Spoiler alert: you can do way more than put air in your tires with an air compressor. If you’re dying to know more about this versatile machine, keep reading for five innovative air compressor uses.

  1. Inflate Pool Floats and Kid’s Toys

Save your lungs and breath and blow up pool floats, ball pits, and bounce houses with your air compressor. You can get a tapered inflator nozzle to use with your air compressor for inflatables.

You can even use it to fill up half-inflated basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs lying around your garage. Get an inflation needle and breathe some new life back into your kids’ toys!

  1. Painting Your Home

Ditch the paintbrush and roller and hook your air compressor up to a paint spray gun. This allows you to get even coverage across your house (both inside and out) at a quicker pace than if you paint the old school way.

Not only are they quicker and easier, but they also cut down on drips and messes that often accompany brushes and rollers.

  1. Take Care of Weeds

Have a ton of weeds that you need to get rid of, but weeding isn’t cutting it? An air compressor is your answer.

You can spray ground-up stone fruit pits (think apricots, peaches, or nectarines) or corn gluten meal under the weeds using an air compressor. This kills two birds with one stone, as you get to weed your garden or landscaping while also feeding the soil.

  1. Clean Up Your Messes

Ditch the broom to clean up messes from woodworking, weedings, or trimming the yard by getting out the air compressor. Put on your safety goggles to keep your eyes safe from flying debris and let your air compressor rip (at a lower pressure, of course) to clean up your mess.

Gast air compressor can save you tons of time after working in your garage or yard all day.

  1. Heat Your Charcoal Grill Fast

Kids starving? In a hurry to get dinner on the table? If you don’t have time to wait for your charcoal grill to heat up, use an air compressor to help stoke the fire. Hit the base of the flame with the air compressor to create a grill-worthy flame that heats your charcoal in no time.

Be sure you turn down the pressure, though, or you could put the entire flame out altogether.

Did You Know About These Air Compressor Uses?

Did you know how versatile the air compressor is? There are so many air compressor uses that it won’t sit in your garage as a one-trick pony. Instead, there are tons of different jobs it can do around your home. Add an air compressor to your wishlist and get ready for it to be one of your most often used tools.

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