A Guide to Renting Warehouse Space for Your Business

When trying to find a warehouse for your business, you have to be careful. Whether you are looking for a small or large business, you need to do a lot more than driving around until you find something. Here is a guide to help you rent the most suitable warehouse space.

Determine Your Needs

Do not start looking around for a warehouse until you know what you want. Make a decision based on the needs of your business. Generally, the industrial property falls under three subsets:

  • Manufacturing space
  • Warehouse space
  • Mixed-use space

All industrial spaces are different and they have different needs. Warehouses are mostly used for storing and distributing products. On the other hand, distribution warehouses are used for distributing products. They are not involved in the assembly or building processes.

Manufacturing space is used to build, create, or assemble products. Manufacturing spaces may need special construction such as specific ceiling heights, reinforced floors, and powerful power sources.

Finding the Right Property

Once you know what your business needs, you can start looking for the most appropriate property. There are lots of property databases online that can help you find your most appropriate option. Compare the options with the following considerations in mind:

  • The space you need
  • Your monthly budget
  • The features you need for example reinforced flooring, onsite offices, and big power supplies
  • The best location in relation to your suppliers, customers, and partners

Visit Them

Once you have a few options in mind, you can start making appointments to visit them. According to the team at Austin Tenant Advisors, photos of warehouse space for rent that look perfect online may not necessarily be great in person. You should not make a decision before visiting a warehouse and ensuring that it meets your requirements. When working with a real estate agent, describe your needs to them accurately, let them know about your location preferences and the chemicals you intend to use. Compare your options based on:

  • Square footage
  • The terms of your lease
  • Extra costs and expenses
  • The ability of different properties to meet your needs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Parking space
  • Delivery truck clearance
  • The available fire-prevention systems

Do not settle for the first property you find. Having two or three options may give you an upper hand especially when negotiating the terms of your lease.

Staff Training

After finding the right warehouse for your business, start training your staff. Having a well-trained team improves safety, efficiency, and productivity. Train them as early as possible to ensure that your warehouse operations can go on smoothly.

Most warehouses may have slippery floors, heavy machinery, and big products. Combining all these factors may put your staff at risk. Perform comprehensive safety training and test all staff members on their knowledge.

Finding the right warehouse space for your business is a major step that you should not take lightly. Invest some time and effort to find properties that match your needs and expectations. A real estate agent may help you find the best option. They may review your lease contracts before you sign them.

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