7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy

Your home is your fortress, somewhere you can feel safe and enjoy your surroundings. Many people spend years perfecting each room in their house, making sure every tiny aspect is right for them. Because we spend so much time tweaking and adjusting we need to make sure that it stays this way and that it’s a healthy environment to live in. We can take that in a few ways, mainly physically healthy and mentally healthy, but whichever way you decide it’s important to keep your house a home.

Here we take a look at 7 ways to keep your home safe and healthy.

Keep It Clean

First of all, let’s look at the simplest thing you can do as a homeowner to ensure it’s safe and healthy is to keep your house clean. This way there will be no build-up of garbage that invites unwanted guests into the home, it keeps everything clear so no harmful bacteria can grow, and it ensures you have a nice calming space that doesn’t affect your mental health. Even if you run around the house once a week with a cloth and a vacuum cleaner, then you’d be surprised at what a difference it makes.

Air Conditioning

Here’s one that people forget about, your air conditioning in your house can cause you to become ill if you overuse it within improper environments. When it gets hot in the summer I’m sure the first thing everyone wants to do is switch on their air-con full blast and feel like benefiting from lots of cool air dancing around the house but it can also have another effect and that’s spreading unwanted germs around the house. You can find out some more detailed information about this if you click here, but if you think about it logically you’ll understand that if there’s any dust sitting around the house then it’s going to spread it everywhere. The same goes for pollen from the outside, any old or mildew build up in areas of the house and even pet dander. Make sure you’ve gone around the house and checked everything before springing your system into life.

Fire Alarm

If you’re asleep and there is a fire downstairs how are you going to know about it? Well, this is why the fire alarm or smoke detector was invented, so when it detects even the slightest bit of smoke it lets out an unholy noise to make you aware of its presence. 1 in 4 houses currently doesn’t have a smoke alarm that works so it’s pointless even having it installed. Please go and check your smoke alarms once a week to ensure they are working, it takes a few seconds and results in you being much safer.

Carbon Monoxide

CO is a gas that is colorless and odorless, a combination that can provide deadly results. It’s best to have Carbon Monoxide alarms near the bedrooms of anyone sleeping in the house or you might find out your family is being poisoned too late. CO affects oxygen from getting to the heart and the brain, meaning in young children it can stop the development of these two critical organs. Stay safe and have some alarms placed around your house.

Window Locks

There are so many cases each year of people, mainly children, falling out of windows above the first floor of their house. This is down to the fact that children are curious and want to find out about things by doing them. In this case, it’s not the best that a child is learning that falling out a window is painful by actually doing it so getting some safety precautions in place is the best thing you can do. Research the best childproof locks and install them on your windows to avoid catastrophic situations.


One of the worst things you can let into your house is pests. These come in all shapes and sizes from bugs to rats. Make sure that all of your unused or unwanted food is stored safely or thrown away sensibly and it will reduce the risk of any large pests coming in. As for the smaller pests, as long as you can keep the place clean, then the risk of an infestation will be lower.


If there’s anything you need to fix then get it done as soon as you can, being on top of any maintenance will ensure that the house is safer physically to be in. If your chimney is leaking, then there are chances of smoke coming into your house, if you fix it as soon as you realize then you’ll have less chance of smoke getting in.

Having a safe and clean home is essential to good living, you’ll feel better mentally and physically. Stay on top of any jobs you need to do and the most important thing is to keep your house clean, if you can do that then the rest will seem pretty easy.


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