7 Universities to Enter to Become a Great Architect

If you’re passionate about design and art, if you’re creative and fascinated by an idea that your creations will be around for tens or even hundreds of years, then a career in architecture might look very attractive. Architecture is a complex yet very interesting and rewarding area that enables you to not only express your creativity but also learn a lot about the technical aspects of construction. Architecture is a type of art but it’s also closely related to math, engineering, and physics.

Architects design all kinds of buildings, from private houses to office buildings, factories, and commercial structures. Therefore, architects should be able to determine the client’s needs and wants, choosing the right solution for each specific situation and sticking with a goal-oriented approach. Architects often collaborate with many other experts, including structural engineers, city planners, and interior designers. Every architect’s ultimate goal is to create buildings that are both beautiful and functional.

How to Become an Architect?

First of all, you should complete a bachelor’s degree in architecture. This takes four to five years, and many students decide to continue their education to obtain a master’s degree. When pursuing a bachelor’s degree, you will have to learn architectural theory, architectural history, construction methods, computer-aided drafting and design, and building design. Besides, you will have to take in-depth courses in math, physical sciences, and liberal arts.

Learning architecture isn’t easy. Education will take a lot of time, money, and determination. You should prepare for countless assignments in various disciplines, and completing all of your assignments might be a challenge. Fortunately, you can always get professional academic assistance from professionals who hold university degrees in architecture and know all the topics that you study. The main thing is to choose reliable services. We recommend that you check out reviews of companies and quality writing services before choosing companies that offer academic help.

Once you obtain a bachelor’s degree, you will have all the necessary knowledge and skills to design buildings. You will have to meet with your clients to determine their goals, communicate your vision, prepare scaled drafts, and you may also need to manage construction contracts. Some degrees in architecture include specialized directions in specific industries, enabling you to tailor your studies to your career objectives.

For example, you may want to work on city parks or office buildings, or you may want to create houses only. No matter what your career goals are, you can always choose a program that will correspond to your interests and plans. No matter what direction you choose, architects are always in high demand. However, you should keep in mind that not all programs are nationally accredited. For instance, if you have a bachelor’s degree in science, arts, or fine arts, you might need to also attend a master’s program (M.Arch) so that you can get a state license.

Therefore, we recommend that you determine whether or not a certain program is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) before you choose an architecture program to pursue a bachelor’s degree. You can find a list of all accredited programs in the US on the NAAB official website.

There are many colleges that offer great architecture programs, and you can always choose an option that corresponds to your goals and budget. Some universities, however, are especially popular among those who want to become great architects. In the list below, we selected some of the best universities in the world where you can study architecture.

Top 7 Universities to Study Architecture

1.     The Bartlett School of Architecture, United Kingdom

Being one of the 11 constituent faculties of UCL, the Bartlett School of Architecture was created back in 1947. This is the first architecture-focused school in the UK, and its faculties are known for lots of original research and experimental approaches. Besides, this school is responsible for the creation of space syntax. Therefore, there’s no surprise that the Bartlett School of Architecture always ranks high in lists of the best options for future architects.

2.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States

MIT is considered one of the best universities in the world when talking about different areas, and architecture is no exception. MIT School of Architecture and Planning is the oldest architecture school in the US. It was created four years after MIT was founded, in 1865. MIT is known for commissioning progressive buildings and introducing modernism to US architecture. The classes are relatively small, creating a great environment for debates among teachers and students. M.Arch program classes have only 25 students.

3.    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Switzerland

ETH Zurich is one of the best universities for future architects. Its Department of Architecture was created back in 1854, and now it has about 2,000 students. The main reason why this university is so popular is that it constantly presents interesting research results and uses unique effective methods of teaching. ETH Zurich also pays particular attention to environmental issues associated with the construction process.

4.    Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

This is another university that always makes it to lists of the best schools for architecture. The Faculty of Architecture is the largest faculty in this university, with over 3,000 students enrolled. TU Delft has pretty challenging master’s degrees, and this university follows the old Dutch tradition of multidisciplinary education. Besides, this university is known for its multinational image.

5.    Harvard University, United States

The Harvard Graduate School of Design has produced countless influential urban planners, architects, and landscape architects. The first architecture courses in Harward were introduced in 1864, and now this department is very diverse and has a thriving community. The Harvard Graduate School of Design also encourages collaboration, creativity, and experimental approaches.

6.    Politecnico di Milano, Italy

The biggest technical university in Italy, the Politecnico di Milano has about 42,000 students, and the list of its graduates includes many well-known architects. Some of them teach new generations of architects in this university.

7.    National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

Founded in 1969, the NUS Department of Architecture of the School of Design and Environment has a variety of programs dedicated to urban planning, urban design, integrated sustainable design, and landscape architecture. Here, students can choose various opportunities that correspond to their personal creative preferences and career expectations

Wrapping Up

To become an architect, you should gain a lot of knowledge about different disciplines, including art, math, and engineering. Besides, if you want to become a successful architect, you should embrace the fact that this profession involves lifelong learning. However, architecture is extremely interesting and rewarding. Architecture programs are available in many well-known universities around the world, and even though the education process might be quite challenging, you won’t regret it when walking by your creation and watching people take selfies in front of it

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