7 Types of Carpets to Consider During Home Upgrades

Carpets play a significant role in any home. They enhance the aesthetic value of your house and reflect your style and personality. There are multiple carpet designs in the market, and it’s best to choose the most suitable one for your deco and room size. Are you seeking to buy an attractive carpet for your home? Here are unique types to consider.

1. Level loop pile.

The level loop pile is made by weaving yarn loops into the carpet. These yarn loops help in backing the carpet at both ends. Moreover, the loops improve durability, making the rug track resistant. Having more loops in the carpet creates a luxurious look. The greatest of all of this carpet is that it prevents dirt accumulation, which ensures a clean home at all times. 

2. Olefin carpets.

Olefin carpets are popular since they are durable and affordable. They are easy to clean since they are completely synthetic. They also resist wear and stains. Due to their moisture and mildew resistance, you can use them outdoors or indoors. In addition, they are best in resisting static electricity.

3. Tufted carpets.

You’ll get tufted QC Flooring carpets in different designs and colors. These are machine produced and can be either single-colored or non-colored yarn. The non-colored and print designs use a dye which is usually a separate process. Tufted carpets can be loop piles, cut piles, or even a combination of the two.

4. Handicraft.

As the name suggests, the handicraft carpet is constructed by hands. The process involves pulling cloth strips, for example, cotton or wool, through meshes. In decorative factors, they are best since you select strips of your favorite color choices. These are more reliable since they are easy to construct and affordable. However, they require experienced personnel for perfect construction.

5. Wool& silk carpets.

Although they are the most luxurious, these carpets are highly priced. In terms of texture, they are soft to touch and come in various colors. That’s not all, though! They are ideal choices for high-traffic areas. With proper maintenance, wool and silk carpets will give the best look and durability. It’s then essential not to only consider the price but think of the rug’s durability when shopping.

6. Textured Saxony.

These kinds of carpets are commonly used in informal areas. The reason is that they offer a soft feel. They have twisted tightly and texture headset for provision of durability. In addition, they offer different color hues that aid in hiding tracks and footprints.

7. Needlefelt.

These carpets are quite advanced. Why? They are produced by the electrostatic attraction of fibers that form a unique rug with long-lasting durability. Primarily they are used in high traffic areas and help you achieve that stunning look in your home.  

To sum up, carpets are very crucial in terms of decoration. Everyone wants their home to have the best flooring rug. This cannot be achieved without effort, though! Therefore, it’s good to select the best carpets and attractive color choices to improve the entire look of your home. 


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