7 Most Striking Construction Technology in 2021

You must know that in 2020, just like all the other industries of the world, the construction industry also went through changes? According to the Research Report conducted by JLL’s State of Construction Tech Report, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tech adoption in the construction industry was fairly quick. 

According to the finding of the above-mentioned report, the tech adoption that would have occurred in 3 years occurred in just one year due to the pandemic. 

While the construction industry is facing a lull at the moment, experts predict a steep incline as vaccinations become commonplace and herd immunity is achieved. 

With the change in time, circumstances, and revolving technology, the construction industry will continuously have to adapt to all these changes by improving productivity, eliminating inefficiencies, and adapting to a digital workforce that is expected to work with the trends in the industry. 

In this article, we have outlined a few construction technology innovations that you can adapt to in 2021. They are: 

  1. Building Information Model

There was a time when all sorts of construction were done by making blueprints, scaling, etc. But today, you can find so much software that can help you build a model for your construction project. 

Building Information Model is the most common software that is used by construction companies. According to statistics, Today, around 70% of all projects are using the Building information model for their construction contracts, and if you are in the UK, you need to be BIM certified. 

If you are wondering why should you use this model, let me help you answer that: 

  • BIM helps build collaboration among your team and keeps you all well connected.
  • It reduces misunderstandings and helps achieve efficient team working
  • The model is perfect for a digital workforce.
  1. Cloud-Based Software

Just like the Business Intelligence Model, cloud-based construction software has been trending during the pandemic as well. The reason I recommend you to use cloud-based software is because of the following reasons: 

  • You will have access to all the relevant information
  • The cloud-based system is mobile-friendly, which is why your teammates might like it more another collaborative tool.
  • Statistics show that 75% of the construction business are using cloud-based software, majorly because it is fairly easy to sync and communicate as well.
  • This cloud-based software is known to save you a lot of time as well, around 7 hours.
  1. The use of Architectural Applications

There are a lot of applications today that have made collaboration and working digitally so easy that is all you have to do is just master the art of these digital applications. Depending on the kind of business or industry you work with, for example, you are working with the Real Estate CRM to communicate your architectural plan. 

With the help of these apps, you can share your architectural plans on any device anywhere. So let me list down the major advantages of working with architectural applications: 

  • Architects and construction companies can share blueprints and update them as well.
  • With the help of these applications, your workers can check on their tasks from wherever and whenever.
  • These applications are smartphone-friendly and can be operated from anywhere
  • Communication is always efficient
  1. Robotics

A lot of contraction companies have also experimented by building robots that can help with the construction and can help you begin the transform the construction sites or deal with some specific tasks that you can condition them to do: 

  • You can build your robot to perform difficult and dangerous tasks. For example, if you are dealing with the construction of some high building and fear the fall of a worker, you can put your robot up for that task.
  • Robots are fast and can do the work quite efficiently and effectively compared to human labor
  1. The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Yes,  AI is also the most efficient in the construction industry. How is that? Because Artificial Intelligence has given us the most innovative solutions to work with and has genuinely made things made easier for us. 

AI technology can spot and learn the different patterns, which means that the technology is constantly evolving. This technology can further enhance the construction process by doing the following: 

  • AI can be used to see if your workers are tired or not. How? This technology has an automatic sensor that can help you detect the productivity of your workers.
  • The technology is best for project management.
  • AI is further great at resource management as well, therefore can direct their staff towards the right job fit at the right time.
  1. 3D Printing

3D printing does not only sound cool, but it is cool. I mean, we all would like to love a miniature model of any kind of construction we plan to do for our project. So with the help of 3D printing, you can do the following: 

  • Fast and Efficient Prototyping
  • Creating unique designs that your client can see, and kind of have an idea of what it would look like in real life.
  • Reduces a lot of waste and gives the client an exact idea of what they can expect as an outcome of the construction. So no trial and error and wastage of expensive material.
  1. Internet of Things

This technology connects unlimited devices using sensors. This is why this technology has taken the construction industry by storm. The following are a few of its benefits: 

  • It helps you reduce losses
  • It can help with the monitoring process and, in turn, might save your worker from dangerous sites
  • IoT can also be used to manage your construction equipment better.

Have You Started Using Technological Innovations in Your Construction Firm? 

If you have not, it’s about time that you start using IoT, 3D printing, AI, Architectural applications, robotic and different software that can benefit your business and can help you work efficiently. 

Author Bio: 

Ashir provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for CRM, 

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