7 Features Worth Preserving In Old Properties

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From floral wallpaper to dated electrical fixtures, there are many features within old properties that are worth getting rid of. However, there are other features that you should think twice before removing – such features could be an important part of your home’s history and charm. Below are just some of the top features within older homes that are worth preserving

Hardwood floors

If your home has original hardwood floors, these are a feature that you should try to preserve as much as you can. Do not worry if there are small marks and scratches – these can help to add character to your flooring in many cases. Of course, if you’ve got large scratches or unsightly stains, you may not want to ignore these, but this doesn’t mean you should rip up your floorboards. Wood floor refinishing may be all that is needed to revive your floors. Only remove hardwood flooring if it has started to rot or warp. 

Timber windows

As with hardwood floors, original timber windows are another feature that can add a huge amount of character to an old home. This is particularly the case with decorated timber frames with features like shutters. If these windows are looking a little worn, there may be ways of refinishing or repainting them to breathe new life into them. Only replace them if they are seriously damaged. Bear in mind that you may need local permission to remove these features if it is a listed building.. 


Fireplaces are another feature in old homes that are worth preserving. This is particularly the case with ornate fireplaces. Even if the chimney is blocked up and your fireplace is not in use, it’s worth looking after this historic feature as it can still provide the room with a sense of warmth and cosiness. Some people add electric fireplaces into original fireplaces, while other people use them to store books. You could even add some ornamental logs. 

Walk-in pantries

Walk-in pantry cupboards have been making a comeback in recent years – many homeowners are looking for more space for food and raw ingredients. If you’ve still got an original walk-in pantry and have been thinking of converting it into a downstairs bathroom or laundry room, you may want to give this some consideration. This pantry could be a selling point for someone who is a keen cook. 

Laundry chutes

Changes in fire code resulted in many architects no longer putting laundry chutes in newer homes. They are however still a very useful feature and are sought after by many people buying multi-level homes. Consequently, you should avoid removing this feature if you can. 

Entry plaque

Does your home have a historic entry plaque near or on its front door? These small features can add a lot of value to old homes. Such plaques may display the home’s name or other information. Try to preserve this plaque if it is not too worn.

Transom windows

Transom windows are small windows above front doors. They’re not as common in modern homes, despite still being a very useful feature – they can let light into your hallway and provide ventilation. Some of these windows are also made from stained or decorative glass, adding a lot of character. Unless this window is damaged, this twice before removing it.

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