6 Ways to Get the Most from Market Research Efforts

Market research can serve all kinds of purposes. Whether it’s informing development decisions, changing marketing practices, or as part of a case study for inbound marketing, quality information from market research can be invaluable.

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When you get your market research right, the information you learn can benefit all areas of your business, but sometimes it can be difficult to get the answers that you need. When carrying out market research, it’s important to reach the people that can give you the best insights into your business, and that can be the tricky part.

Angelfish Fieldwork offer professional services aimed at improving the quality of your market research, and they stress the importance of finding quality participants in focus groups, market research online communities, ethnography, online interviews, accompanied shopping, and user experience testing.

Together, these techniques can give you a great picture of the market, and where your business stands in it.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great way for marketers to ask a group of people questions and gauge their reactions. Focus groups generally involve a moderated conversation between a group of participants, with the discussions normally producing some rich data.

This is quite a traditional form of research, but being able to watch the group interact and discuss your topics is a tried and tested way of getting good data.

Market Research Online Communities

Getting a group of people in a room together all at once isn’t the easiest thing in today’s world, so market research online communities offer a good alternative. These communities are cost efficient and very convenient, giving hand-picked respondents a platform to participate in the study in their own time.


If you want to understand what your participants think and how they behave, then ethnography is the way to go. Rather than bringing the participant to you like you do in traditional research like research groups, ethnography allows you to go to the participant and study them in their own environment.

Online Interviews

Advances in technology have meant that carrying out online interviews is a great option for market researchers. By using online interviews, you have the ability to reach people anywhere in the world in a cost effective, efficient way.

With online interviews, being able to ask your participants the right questions and getting helpful answers has never been easier.

Accompanied Shops

Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand all the thoughts that go through your customers’ minds when they are shopping? Well, with accompanied shops, you can begin to do just that. By recruiting the right people to carry out accompanied shops, you can glean priceless insights to inform your market research.

User Experience Testing

User experience testing is a great tool for marketers, and one that is often under-utilized. If you have any type of online presence, then UX testing can help you to maximize its potential. Seeing how regular customers interact with your website or app can give you a completely different perspective and lead to positive change in your user experience.



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