6 Things To Know About Fleet Monitoring Software

These days it feels like everything has become so streamlined and practical that the only way for a lot of companies to go is up. The advancement in technology has catapulted seemingly normal businesses into the stratosphere and allowed them to compete on a national and international stage.

We all use cars and the roads to travel around and go about our lives, but what we may not realize is how much commerce is actually done on the roads by various different companies. You could be going about your normal business and not realize you are driving past a courier, construction company, or a fleet of vehicles belonging to someone in the industry.

Because of the frantic and busy nature of today’s world, people are looking for better ways to manage their fleets on the road in a way that aligns with their overall business goals. Quite often what will happen is a company will start scaling and become overwhelmed by the workload involved with managing not only the people but the vehicles too. There are so many things that surround how a company manages a fleet effectively and safely.

So What Are 6 Important Things I Need To Know About The Fleet Monitoring Software?

Maybe you are just beginning to learn about the best ways to monitor a fleet and looking at the best solutions out there or perhaps you are trying to advance your knowledge on this topic further, either way, there are some key things you can be focusing on.

You Can Cover Yourself After An Accident

If you have a large number of vehicles out on the road and they are representing you as a business, one of your key concerns may well be accidents and what to do in the situation where one takes place. Unfortunately, accidents happen every day on our roads and if you have lots of people driving expensive vehicles, it can be a risk when you don’t monitor things effectively. If one of your drivers ends up getting themselves in an accident, you need to be able to:

  • Check to see exactly whose fault it was and the incident that occurred
  • Ensure that you have proof of what happened so you can hand over the footage to the insurance company whilst making a claim
  • Have access to everything that happened so you can protect your employees’ wellbeing and safety at all times

It Allows You To Focus On Safety

When you have eyes on the ground it really helps to align all of your safety goals. The health and safety of your drivers need to be your number one priority and through your ability to monitor the fleet you can put in safeguards and processes which will achieve this goal. Then once that is achieved and the drivers are behaving accordingly, it will filter into improving and enhancing the safety of those they come in contact with when they are out there working and driving.

You Collect Driver Footage

Life is very unpredictable and so often it’s hard to know what is going to happen next, but with the implementation of monitoring software, you can really look out for yourself and those within your organization. You can equip your fleet with a GPS with dash cam to protect your drivers in case they get into an accident or altercation and you need to provide the evidence to the relevant authorities. On the flip side, it can help monitor your driver’s behavior and ensure they are adhering to the standards and practices which you have asked them to.

Monitoring Events Just Got Easier

Fleet monitoring software goes past just recording the live actions of what happens when the fleet is out there working, but it also allows you to dive into the analytics of how the vehicle is performing. You can get insights into how fast they drive, how well they brake and also report any accidents in real-time.

You Can Watch Everything In Real-Time

Being able to check in on your team when they are out there representing your company is invaluable, as you essentially have an extra man on the ground checking that your workforce is carrying out the best possible service for your clients and customers.

Setup Shock Alerts

If something bad happens, you’re going to want to know about it so you can step in to help. With fleet monitoring software you can set up different shock alerts so your team is instantly made aware when something is wrong.

Introducing fleet monitoring software will really help you with streamlining your processes and may give you an edge over your competitors!

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