6 Skirting Board Styles For An Industrial Look

Skirting boards come in numerous types and materials, with some made of plastic and others made of wood. There are also hardwood skirting boards, as well as softwood or MDF. The perfect skirting board that you can use still depends on your specific needs and preferences. Nevertheless, the skirting board styles listed below will surely provide you with an industrial look if that is what you are after.

1.   Bullnose

One of the most popular skirting board styles fit for an industrial look is bullnose. In this case, you can even consider using a solid oak bullnose skirting board or one that is made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard). Both will provide a stunning profile and modern appearance with a bit of character in your space.

2.   Chamfered

Another popular skirting board style that you can consider is the chamfered design, which is considered to have a bit more flare compared to the bullnose. Rest assured that this style still exudes a clean and simple look perfect for an industrial setting. Apart from being a standard design, a chamfered skirting board is also available in various places.

3.   Ogee

If you want a timeless and classic look in your industrial space, then you should go for ogee. This is the ideal style for a hallway or the receiving room of an office center. Like with the other skirting board styles, it can also come on wood or plastic.

4.   Torus

While torus skirting boards may be more prevalent in homes, you can also incorporate them in an industrial setting to provide a certain level of cozy appeal. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that they are slightly less ornate compared to ogee. However, torus skirting boards are no less versatile.

5.   Square

Perhaps you can consider a square as a skirting board style that has no design at all. It is only composed of straight and clean edges, which is why they are perfectly suitable for industrial applications. In parallel to this, a square skirting board design is also suitable if you intend to create a modern minimalist look in your industrial space. For this reason, a square skirting board design is quite popular in areas where nothing fancy is necessary.

6.   Stepped 2

Finally, you can also consider a stepped 2 skirting board design for an area where an industrial look is necessary. It fosters a contemporary look that features a couple of steps bearing identical heights. When you leverage this skirting board design, you will find it effortless to add your final finish as you no longer have to deal with any grooves to get inside.

The skirting board styles listed above are only some of the ones that you can consider for an industrial look, regardless of whether they are made from plastic or wood. Some of the other popular ones include Georgian which is usually seen in traditional settings, as well as Ovolo that has been around for years. Perhaps the key is in surveying the area where you will apply the skirting board to ensure that it complements the aesthetic appeal of the room.

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