6 Simple Steps for Better Deep Cleaning Carpet

Beautiful carpets create home cosiness, bring warmth to the atmosphere of the house or room. But sooner or later they get dirty. And here the question of how to clean carpets at home is more acute. So, see below 6 simple steps to deep clean carpet.

6 Simple Steps To Deep Clean Carpet:

Different cleaning products and methods should be used depending on the material of the carpet. For example, polyester carpets are stronger and easier to remove. And wool rugs are demanding to care for. The use of harsh cleaners and products is not recommended. The choice of cleaning solution depends on the type of dirt and blemishes on the carpet. So, see below how to deep clean your carpet step by step.

Step 1:

At first run, a vacuum machine for knocking out dust from carpets is a real find, with the help of which we can easily and quickly get rid of debris, sand, dust, and other contaminants.  The presence of this equipment ensures high-quality carpet washing Since all coarse debris insoluble in water will remain in the depths of the carpet, especially in carpets with high piles.

Step 2:

To remove stubborn stain use a soda and vinegar mixture. This is the most optimal way of all that is included in the treasury of folk recipes. The most efficient, fastest, and cheapest option! Mixing will not take long, and carpet cleaning will not take a lot of time. If you are not ready for this process, then the only way out in this situation is to dry-clean the carpet. But prepare yourself for the fact that you have to spend money because the cost is influenced by the weight of the flooring plus the work itself and the use of chemicals. You also need to figure out how to deliver the carpet to the same dry cleaner, especially if you don’t have your own transport.

Step 3:

The shampoo is a real godsend for all clearing companies. With the help of it, you can wash any type of carpet product in the shortest possible time. Today, Carpet Shampoo is one of the most professional products that really help to cope with various types of dirt. The shampoo is used in various cleaning machines as well as carpet washing equipment, which gives carpets the softness and long-awaited shine. In addition, the product is quite economical, since one kilogram is enough for 100 square meters of carpet. This shampoo is completely hypoallergenic and gives a pleasant aroma after washing. If you want to wash your carpet, then this shampoo will work well with both softer and harsher piles. That is why many dry cleaners and cleaning companies continue to use shampoo for a long time.

Step 4:

A rotary machine is additionally used for processing large-area coatings. Its bristled wash wheels mechanically act on the carpet to remove stubborn dirt. As a result of this treatment, trampled dark areas are lightened and the pile is raised. For small but heavily contaminated coatings, an orbital two-brush machine is used its principle of operation is similar to a rotary one.

Step 5:

The carpet is washed with an extractor vacuum cleaner by successive moistening with water and drying through a special nozzle. When suctioned, the extractor absorbs water together with dirt particles dissolved in it. As a result, the carpet is clean and almost dry.

At the request of the client, the carpet is treated with special fragrances. They permanently remove unpleasant odors. An antistatic agent is used to neutralize static electricity.

Step 6:

Drying of carpets is done indoors, not outdoors. Carpets should be dried at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. There is supply ventilation and an exhaust hood, which allows you to create the most favorable conditions for drying carpets. The carpets are hung out on the crossbars and the carpets are blown with the help of powerful fans.

For added protection, carpet can be treated with a moisture-repellent, antiseptic, or anti-moth treatment. If the carpet needs to remove strong unpleasant odors, ozonation is carried out.

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