6 Main Valves Used in the Construction Industry

Did you know that the first documented valve is credited to Heinrich Stölzel in 1814? If you are new to the world of construction and are curious about the different types of valves, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to learn all about the main types of valves that are used in different industries today.

  1. Air Logic Valves

Air logic valves are used to regulate air flow in pneumatic systems and they can be used instead of electrical controls. These valves are applied to one-shot valves, e-stops, pilot valves, etc.

  1. Butterfly Valves

These valves are quarter-turn valves that are mainly used in power plants, wastewater plants, and are popular in large diameter pipelines. They are cheaper and smaller than a ball valve that is the same size but they are more prone to leaks and are sometimes difficult to operate against high pressure flow.

  1. Check Valves

If you want fluids to flow in one direction then you will want a check valve. There is normally a piston or a ball that is backed by a spring which opens under a specific pressure amount and closes when the pressure goes down. This helps prevent any backflow.

Check valves are great for high pressure applications. There are also rubber check valves that have flaps and duckbill designs. Wherever fluids have to move in only one direction is where check valves come in handy. For example, gas lines, air service, and pumps.

  1. Engine Valves

It is no surprise that valves are also used in the auto industry. These valves seal between combustion chambers in engines and also between the intake and exhaust systems. There are springs and cams that control the opening and closing of engine valves.

There are different materials and types available, depending on whether they are used in a truck, luxury car, sedan, or motorcycle.

  1. Gate Valve

Gate valves are mainly used in pipeline and piping applications. They are linear motion devices that open and close the flow of the fluid. Keep in mind that these can’t be used to throttle applications, like to regulate the flow of the fluid.

The gate valve is either fully closed or fully opened with gears, manual wheels, or hydraulic actuators.

  1. Safety Valve

These valves protect piping arrangements from dangerous overpressures. It works by releasing extra pressure that comes through. These are very important to protect against tragic accidents, dangerous human life threats, or your home’s assets. We recommend looking more into Elgiloy to learn about your options.

Now You Are Familiar With the Main Types of Valves

As you can see there are quite a few different types of valves out there. Now you can make an informed decision whether you need a valve or not and which type would fit your needs best if you do need a valve.

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