5 Ways to Use Decorative Stones in Your Landscape

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Having an extra lot in your home is an excellent sign to create a lovely landscape. Landscapes can be your special place to relax and connect with nature inside your zone. Creating your landscape unleashes your inner exterior designer as you have the power to decide what you want to put in the landscape. You can either have plants, a pond with fish, or even a fireplace.  

Most of the landscape can be a hundred percent more attractive if decorative stones are added. These decorative stones show an earthy vibe to your landscape. Clients prefer to add rocks to their landscape since it is not hard to maintain in your place, aside from its attractive contribution. Here are some ways to spice up your landscape using these decorative rocks. 

Decorative Stone Instead of Mulch  

Mulch is used for common gardening in your landscape. Most clients prefer to put mulch in all spaces for a healthier ground. However, there are places in your yard that do not require mulch. Those spaces are the ones that are not used for planting, so it does not need to be fertilized. This is where decorative stones come into the picture.  

Replacing the mulch with these rocks can help you lessen the mulch needed for your garden. For example, you can put the stones in your patio instead of lining it with mulch. In addition, these stones add color and texture to the area, which makes it more refreshing to the eyes. Decorative stones do not need too much attention and maintenance. 

Make a Container Garden 

Decorative stones can also be helpful to upgrade your plants and flowers in the garden. You can make a container garden using decorative stones. It is unique and beautiful to place your favorite plants in these rocks instead of planting them directly on the ground. You find a designated area where you can place the stones as your container plant.  

Just do not forget that the placement of your container garden is near your water sprinkler system for easy irrigation. The decorative stones may be low maintenance, but your plants need to be upkeep; that is why they should be near the water access.  

You can use sandstone as your decorative stone for your garden. If you’re living somewhere near Newcastle, don’t fret. The best Sandstone Newcastle has to offer is easily within reach. For the best decorative stones and other landscaping needs, the best providers are usually nearby you. 

Develop a Pathway 

Pathways can also be made with decorative rocks. You can create a pathway from your patio to your landscape area. Using decorative rocks can be an excellent alternative to creating a pathway since it can save you from spending a lot on your pathway. Aside from that, you can choose a wide variety of stones that will fit in your pathway.  

Decorative stones can add a pop of color to your pathway and give a vibrant view of your garden. It is also less slippery when it gets wet to prevent accidents in your area. Additionally, the stones’ weight helps the pathway stay in place and is more durable than wood chips. This is why it rains a lot in some areas; it is a good material for a pathway.  

Solution to the Problem Areas  

You cannot avoid having problem areas in your yard. It can be either water drainage or a dead grass area that can destroy the excellent design of your landscape. Fortunately, decorative stones can cover these problem areas. Decorative stones will help you improve your area, where your landscape can be a natural paradise.  

Problem areas such as dead grass can be replaced as recreational areas filled with customized decorative rocks. On the other hand, water drainage can be covered by creating a dry creek bed. There will be less chance that the water will move the stones with the stone’s weight. Again, this will also lessen your costs with the materials in maintaining the creek bed.  

Recreational Areas 

Adding a recreational area to your landscape can be a new way to experience a different type of relaxation and bonding with your family members. Do not forget to include the decorative stones in your area. Setting these rocks to the recreation area will be the highlight of your landscape, where even your visitors love to chill in the area. 

Designating a place for your recreation area can be used for your grilling or picnic area. You can also surround the decorative stones for your small koi pond. A small sanctuary where a seating area is decorated with these rocks in your area is also recommendable. You can also consider having an oasis in your yard for a scenic view. 


Adding decorative stones to your landscape is a very unique yet affordable thing to do. There are a lot of rocks to choose from, and it will take a lot of time to mix and match, but the result will be guaranteed perfect in the eyes. Do not hesitate to add these in your materials, for it will add color and ambiance to your yard that indeed everyone will love.  

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