5 Ways to Upgrade Your Corporate Outdoor Event

Hosting an outdoor event for your company comes with an array of situations to prepare for. The priority is accommodating the needs of all guests and workers. How well the occasion was planned will be noticeable and leave a lasting impression on everyone who attends.

Below we list 5 tips to upgrade your outdoor event for the enjoyment of all your attendees.

1. Restroom Rentals

Any outdoor event or site requires a place for guests and workers to use the restroom and wash their hands. If these restrooms are needed to accommodate a large group of people or a longer event, you want a sustainable option. Portable restrooms are no one’s favorite, but they are a required feature.

A company that offers construction restroom trailers or luxury portable rentals can provide a variety of options that suit the needs and aesthetic of your venue site. Employees working long hours will appreciate a spacious, well-ventilated room to make it through the day.

2. Keep it Accessible

Your event should be enjoyable for guests who have physical and mental impairments. This is an aspect of event planning often overlooked, but it is a legal requirement. Your event must offer adjustments to allow attendees with disabilities to be included without discrimination.

Accessibility includes adequate parking spaces for wheelchair users, clear pathways leading to the event, and easy to read signage. Having quiet, covered areas for attendees to have some privacy is also a must.

You want to create an inclusive space, so everyone can enjoy the event that represents your brand.

3. Working Technology

Reliable internet access is a must if you want attendees to stay connected throughout the event. The venue’s internet capabilities need to match the bandwidth needed to support the number of guests, including maintaining a strong internet signal. You want as much positive online publicity as possible.

If live-streaming, power points, or other broadcasting features are going to be used, the venue’s connection needs to be strong enough to maintain these capabilities.

Having an A/V technician on site will prevent any technical blunders from overshadowing the event. Practicing with them ahead of time will familiarize them with the event procedures to anticipate any issues ahead of time.

4. Appropriate Signage Posts

Signs are another form of accessibility that helps attendees navigate the venue with ease. They can arrive on time at the event location without feeling frustrated.

Signage provides an opportunity to market your brand and boost the press for any companies involved. As attendees pass by your eye-catching signs, they will better remember the name of your brand. They may even share photos on social media to promote the fun day they had in attendance.

5. Large Kitchen Area

Regardless of the setup for the event, the food preparation areas need to be large enough to properly prepare and serve the food to guests. All kitchen staff must be able to move around in the kitchen space at the same time.

The kitchen area for the venue needs to have adequate space for proper food storage. A refrigerator to keep food from spoiling is required. A dishwashing station must also be available to wash dishes throughout the event.


Outdoor events require a lot of planning to accommodate workers and guests so they enjoy everything your brand has to offer. Planning the basics of restroom rentals and food preparation may sound simple but they include a lot of coordination.

Taking the time to upgrade all of these amenities at your event will give your company a positive boost from happy attendees.

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