5 Things To Watch For When Hiring Moving Company

Moving to a new place is never an easy thing. Apart from furniture and clothes, several electronics and fragile objects require complete care while being transported from one place to another. Mishandling things can result in losses worth thousands of dollars. And that’s what you fear the most while shifting to a new location.

It is always ideal to hire professional movers to help you relocate your stuff safely when you’re on the move. You obviously require an additional budget, but it’s a lot better than all the back-breaking hassle you would go through otherwise. But the critical question is; who should you entrust all your precious belongings with to be transported safely to a new home or city?

There are hundreds of moving companies out there that provide various services, including packing, loading, unpacking on arrival, and even rearranging in your new home. However, do not be lured by mighty claims and fancy appearances. It would be best to do your digging before signing a contract to avoid any unpleasant event in the future. Here are a few things you need to consider before hiring a moving company when you’re relocating.

  1. History Of Services:

Whenever you go for a moving company, always check its track record from the past. Google is your best friend in this regard. Go online and search for reviews on websites and public forums. This should pretty much give you a clear picture of the company’s quality of service over the years it has been active.

However, suppose you’re still skeptical about online reviews and testimonials. In that case, you can always ask people around you, especially in your neighborhood, about their experiences. This can help you identify better and reliable options for a furniture moving service. Positive reviews given in person tend to be more reliable.

It is also helpful to consider the kind of transportation experience the potential company has had in the past. Are they known to be reliable with moving fragile stuff? Are they known not to misplace or damage your belongings? How cooperative are they? Be thorough with your research; you can never be too careful when it comes to your personal belongings.

  1. License And Insurance

Always go for a company that operates with a license provided by the state. Only a licensed group of people can ‘protect’ your belongings. Stay wary of nonprofessionals claiming otherwise with a shiny fleet of shiny vehicles and whatnot. Only expect a licensed company to provide you an acceptable level of service.

In fact, only from the licensed movers can you claim insurance or take legal action in the event of an unpleasantry. Validate the DOT number the state has provided the company. Carefully look into all the insurance documents the company is providing. If you’re not sure yourself, don’t hesitate to consult an expert in this matter. As a rule of thumb, NEVER opt for a moving company that does not provide insurance or damage claim.

Transparent Rates

Many movers give cheap rates for moving stuff to attract customers at first. However, later on, they ask for many unprecedented add-ons that take your bills sky-high. So, when you hire a mover, be very clear of all the expenses in advance.

Moving companies charge either by the number of labor hours or a base rate based on weight, boxes, and additional services. It would be best to discuss expenses like packaging material, packaging charges, moving extra-large objects, moving things upstairs, etc. A lot of these can amount up to quite a bit without you even realizing it. See if the moving company can take all the stuff in the least number of trips. The fewer the trips, the lesser you will be charged. It’s worth saving every penny when you’re relocating.

A Good Fit For Your Individual Needs

How far are you moving from your current location? How much stuff needs to be transported? These are essential questions you need to ask yourself before you actually consider hiring a moving company. Look around yourself and make a list of your belongings. As you know, not all moving companies are the same. Some specialize in moving heavy stuff, while others are better at transporting clothes and fragile stuff. You need to hire a moving company that meets your requirements and is available at the right time.

Beware Of Rogue Movers

Unfortunately, this is a significant problem people encounter when moving from one place to another.  Fraudulent companies pose as professional movers and end up stealing other people’s belongings. But this is precisely why you need to be thorough with your research and background checks before actually hiring a moving company. Make sure to visit the office personally and validate their physical address given on documents. Always avoid giving full payments upfront.


One can never be too careful while handing over their belongings to another company for relocation purposes. There are hundreds of movers out there for the job. Pick one that’s trustworthy, authentic, and fits your budget. Running a thorough background check will save you a lot of trouble and money.

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