5 Steps to Transform Your Front Garden

It is easy for homeowners to overlook the front garden when redesigning a home. After all, the backyard is usually seen as the green retreat for those who want to unwind outside in privacy.

However, the front garden still plays an integral role in the design of your home. Even though it tends not to be for relaxation or play, your space out front creates curb appeal and makes your property a more welcoming abode.

Are you unsure about what steps to take when designing a stylish front garden with instant impact? To maximize your outdoor space, here are five tips to transform your front garden.

1. The right fence

The fence is an important aspect of any front garden. Along with providing safety and security, a fence also helps with establishing boundaries. Passersby will not be wandering into your garden, for instance.

When it comes to selecting a front garden fence, there are various options to consider. You can go with everything from traditional wood fencing to short panels. Yet, for that ideal combination of style, stability, and security, iron or metal fencing is the way to go. Although, of course, you want to select the best product available, which is why it makes sense to consider MJ Iron Works, which you can find at mjironworks.com, for your iron/metal fencing.

2. Mix and match pots

It is common for a front garden to feature plants. Yet, instead of going with a basic design for your plants, consider mixing it up. Along with opting for a diverse selection of different flowers, place these in different-sized pots. When used in a display where the pots are arranged by size – tallest at the back, smallest at the front – it can create a striking impression.

3. Add height when possible

Extending on the previous tip, you should look for different ways to add height to your front garden design. Everything from a large shrub to a small tree can deliver that desired height and make your garden stand out.

4. A wise use of color

Do not underestimate the impact of color when transforming your front garden. Colors that compliment the rest of your home is a solid starting point, while you should also aim for some form of symmetry with your color choices. Plus, if you want to add a focal point to your front garden, it is recommended you use a splash of white – perhaps on a garden gate – that pops.

5. Avoid being too busy

Even if you are fortunate enough to have a front garden, it is unlikely you have too much space to play with in terms of design. However, you probably have a lot of ideas swimming around in your mind – and you probably want to utilize as many as possible.

With that said, you need to avoid throwing too many ideas into the pot. The last thing you want is a front garden which is overly busy and cluttered. Keep it simple in general for a more pleasing aesthetic.

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