5 Simple Ways to Eliminate Bed Bugs In Your Home

Nothing can substitute peace of mind and a good night’s sleep after a long and busy day at work. But there’s one insect that really knows how to rob you of this comfort – the bedbug. Real-life bloodsuckers are active in the night, seeking to climb onto your skin and feed on your blood.

In some cases, you won’t realize you’ve been bitten until you see visible marks when you wake up.

That said, let’s look at ways you can make your bedroom unattractive to these bloodsuckers.

1. Washing your bedding at high temperatures

The simplest way to prevent bed bug bites is to wash your bedding, including:

  • Pillowcases
  • Sheets
  • Blankets

It’s a simple and inexpensive way of preventing them from biting you when you sleep.

It’s recommended that you wash the sheets and beddings at warm temperatures. It eliminates the nymphs and adult bugs that may be present between the folds of your bedsheets.

2. Regular vacuuming of your mattress

Another simple way to eliminate bugs is regularly vacuuming the mattress and bed frame because it reduces the number of visible bugs on the surface. They typically hide in mattresses and wooden bed frames but are also found on folds, seams, tags, buttons, and corners of the mattress.

Although vacuuming will eliminate the large bugs, the smaller ones may escape. They are sticky and hide in tiny spots where vacuum cleaners cannot reach, so be prepared for some deeper cleaning to get rid of the infestation completely.

3. Do not store items under the bed

As you try to maximize your bedroom space, under-bed storage might seem like a wonderful place to store some of your items. Guess what? Bed bugs, too, love this idea – it’s the perfect hiding spot, away from dirt and grime. You’ll have to get rid of those items under your bed if you want a goodnight’s sleep. Otherwise, insects will find solace in this undisturbed area.

4. Wash and dry your clothes after a trip

While bed bugs cannot live in your clothes, they will travel with you by sticking them along the trip. To curb this, wash your clothes at very high temperatures, as high as your garments can tolerate immediately when you arrive home.

Avoid piling up dirty clothes on a trip. It expands their opportunity to spread in your house. Soon, they will find their way to your bedroom and become a nightmare while you sleep.

5. Get professional help

If you have carried out all these prevention measures, you are now bedbug-free. But if the bloodsuckers still irritate you at night, it’s time to let the experts take care of it. Getting rid of these insects is not a walk in the park. Not everyone can effectively do the task, but that’s why there are experts for this kind of job. So, if you have a recurrent problem even after raising your hygiene standards, it’s time to call in the experts.


Bedbugs prefer hiding in places out of sight and near where you rest. They can be difficult to find and get rid of once they arrive, which is why ensuring high hygiene in your sleeping area goes a long way in keeping the bugs away.

If washing beddings with hot water and vacuuming fail to keep the bedbugs away, professional help is the last resort. Besides applying all means necessary to flash them out and eliminate these pests, including using bug treatment methods, they will provide you with recommendations to prevent another infestation from reoccurring in the future.

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