5 Questions Every Buyer Should Ask About Mattresses

When it comes to the home, you should only choose what’s best for you and your family. No matter how small the item is, like a simple light bulb, or a bigger one such as a mattress, you have to make and follow a ‘buying’ plan to handle things carefully. Of course, you don’t want to purchase the wrong sort, right?

The same is true for every area of your home, especially the bedroom. Here, there is no doubt that the most crucial piece of furniture is the bed. According to research surveys, an average person spends about one-third of his life staying in bed. With this number alone, it is enough to consider buying a mattress that should give you comfort and not a restless night.

With that said, knowing to ask the right questions can give answers that may lead you to the right mattress choice. Below are five essential questions you should ask before you shop.

When is the right time to replace my mattress?

Depending on the quality and how you take care of your current mattress, it will usually last 6-8 years. Beyond that, it might be already giving you body aches or allergies. It might also be that the mattress is already damaged in certain areas or is already sagging and doesn’t give you the comfort it once gave you.

You will know if it’s already time to change mattresses if you are experiencing some or most of the scenarios mentioned above. But, it is easier said than done. You still have to consider a lot of things to get the right one. However, in general, the best mattress to buy should always depend on your needs and preferences.

What type of mattress is right for me?

Now that various types have been introduced in the mattress industry in recent years, it is important to get familiar with most of them. Your knowledge about mattress types will guide you in choosing the one that is just right for you. Here are some types that you can commonly find in local stores or online:

  • Innerspring – this classic type is made of at least one row of supportive coil springs at the mattress’s core. The springs allow airflow to pass efficiently. Hence, it does not retain heat as much. Furthermore, the more springs it has, the better the quality of support it offers.
  • Memory foam – this type of foam mattress is usually made out of a polymer material known as polyurethane. This material gives its elastic properties, where it can recover its original shape after a particular time. It also makes it solid and dense, which means substances cannot pass through it easily. That’s why it can retain heat.
  • Gel-infused foam – most people who sleep hot find that memory foam gets uncomfortably warm. To address this, more modern designs were developed for memory mattresses. Nowadays, it is infused with gel, allowing it to regulate temperature more efficiently.
  • Latex foam – another type of foam mattress is made of latex. Latex foams are less dense, and although they contour to the body’s shape, it is not as much as memory does. This type is usually made from natural materials; that’s why it is considered an eco-friendly mattress.
  • Hybrid – hybrid mattresses utilize inner coil springs as a support system and top layers of comfortable foam. The foams can be made out of latex or memory. This type is softer than an innerspring but does not have the “sinking” feeling of foam beds. It is suitable for those couples who have different firmness preferences.

How firmly do I want my mattress to be?

The ideal mattress firmness level depends on your comfort. Remember, what’s comfortable for one may not be comfortable for the other. When it comes to firmness, you should assess your personal needs. In this case, knowing the way you sleep or your sleeping position could help. For every side-, back-, or stomach-sleepers, a different level of firmness is advised.

For example, back sleepers need a flat surface to remain in a neutral position. If the mattress is soft, there is a possibility that the person will sink, so their spine will no longer be aligned, which is the cause of back pains sometimes. Therefore, what back-sleepers need is a medium to firm mattress. This is also the case for stomach sleepers.

On the other hand, most side-sleepers prefer softer mattresses since pressure relief in hip and shoulder areas can be provided at this firmness level.

What size of mattress should I get?

Mattresses also come in different sizes: California king, king, queen, full, twin, or single. To help you choose among these, the ideal size of a mattress will depend on how many will use it, how you behave when you sleep, and most of all, the size of your bedroom. As an extra tip, do not purchase a big-sized one if your bedroom only has a small space.

What is the ideal price for a mattress?

Different types of mattresses come at different price points. Although there is quality in high-priced mattresses, in truth, it will still depend if it can give the comfort you are looking for. All in all, the ideal price for a mattress is one that you can afford. In this case, it would be better to set a low-end and high-end budget, according to how much you are willing to pay.


The thought of buying a new mattress can be thrilling for some but overwhelming for others. With all the planning, budgeting, and decision-making, it will certainly confuse you at times. That is why doing a bit of mattress research before you shop is very advisable. In some instances, asking a few questions about mattresses can help make the whole process a lot easier.



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