5 of the Deadliest Construction Industry Dangers

The construction industry is inherently dangerous. If you’re on the job, you could be part of a team that is tearing buildings down or putting them up. It’s noble work since you might build new homes or places for communities to congregate, but many accidents occur every day in this particular field.

You need to be very cautious every moment when you’re doing construction work. If you let down your guard or grow complacent, that’s when you might hurt yourself or even suffer a fatal accident. There are some particular construction industry dangers that exist, and we’ll go over them right now.

Falling Injuries or Deaths

The average personal injury attorney often knows all about the construction industry since they frequently have clients from that environment. In construction circles, many individuals kill or injure themselves when they fall from high places. That might happen if:

  • They fall from an unfinished building
  • They fall from a cherry picker or some other machine that sits high off the ground

No one is a match for gravity. If a construction worker gets careless when they’re up on the high steel, they might find themselves taking the hard way down.

If that happens, and they survive, they can usually rely on worker’s comp to help them out as they recuperate. If they permanently injure themselves, worker’s comp can assist them during their retirement. If this does occur, they may be able to start up another career, depending on what they’re still capable of and what their interests are.

Crushing Injuries or Deaths

Workers often use things like wrecking balls, forklifts, and derricks in the construction industry. You have to receive training before you can operate something along these lines since they are enormous, heavy, and undeniably dangerous.

When construction workers use these machines, crushing injuries or deaths are always possible. A worker faces getting crushed:

  • Between a wall and a wrecking ball
  • Between a swinging girder and another object

When you visit a construction site, you’ll notice that it’s probably extremely active. From an outsider’s perspective, the workers can look like they’re performing a well-choreographed dance.

Everyone working on the site or visiting needs to watch out for the many huge machines. If you take your eyes off one of them or get too near one, it could crush you or one of your limbs.

Tool-Related Accidents

Construction workers must know how to use many different kinds of hand tools, like blowtorches, hammers, power drills, etc. Any of these can be quite dangerous as well.

If you’re using a tool on a construction site, and you forget what you’re doing, or something distracts you, you can smash a couple of fingers or cut them off. You can burn yourself severely.

Any time that you use a tool, you have to focus entirely on what you’re doing. If you turn away at the wrong moment, you might sustain a permanent injury, perhaps one that’s bad enough that you’ll need to retire from the profession.

Falling Objects

As a construction worker, you need to watch out for falling objects. In these situations, you’re dealing with gravity again, as something might injure you if you’re simply walking around an active worksite.

Sometimes construction can involve clearing out old buildings before demolition occurs. You and the rest of the crew might toss objects out of windows to the ground below. You might be hurtling old office furniture, floor tiles, metal pipes, wooden slats, or many other things.

You should know not to walk around in an area below an active worksite. A worker might call out before tossing something down from above, but they might not make any noise because they assume no one is down there.

You should know what’s happening on a site at any time. That way, you won’t get careless, and no falling debris will strike you. You should definitely wear a helmet at all times. It might not entirely protect you, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Drug or Alcohol Use Accidents

You might think that a construction worker would know better than to use drugs or alcohol before clocking in, but it does happen. Maybe you have an individual who’s an alcoholic. They need to maintain a baseline just to get through the day.

If you’re in this situation, you might overdo it just a little one morning or during lunch. Even though you may think you have the problem under control, it’s easy to go overboard just a bit, and then you can easily hurt yourself or someone else.

You might even have a situation where you’re using drugs before or during work, but they’re not illegal. For example, you may have hypertension, and you’re on medication for that.

There’s nothing illegal about taking high blood pressure medication while you’re on the job. It’s just that it might have side effects, such as making you dizzy at an inopportune moment.

You might lose your balance and fall from a significant height, or if you’re operating some large machine, you might lose control of it for a moment. That might be all it takes for a disaster to happen.

If you are beginning a new drug regimen, make sure you have some idea of how it affects you before you take it while you are on the job.

Since construction is so dangerous, some individuals get into it, but in other capacities. You might become an architect, or you could manage a construction company without ever taking a direct part in the projects. Working behind the scenes is much safer, though to do that, you often need a college education.

Construction companies should always carry a sufficient worker’s compensation policy. That way, if something does occur, they’ll know that they have covered their employees sufficiently.

If they hurt themselves and they can’t continue with their career, they will have the money every month to cover rent, medical bills, food, utilities, and anything else they need to survive.


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