5 Key Features of Concrete Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet tracking software provides better solutions for trucking companies and helps the owner get all the features they need. Tracking software could show them updated information about each truck and where it is traveling. The benefits of each software application define whether it is the best fit for the company. By determining if the software is worth its salt, the business gets what they need and avoids overspending.  

  1. Pinpoint the Exact Location of the Truck

Tracking software provides the company with the exact location of the truck at any time, and it works well with GPS tracking services. The company will not have to worry about drivers breaking down and not getting help quickly and efficiently. 

They can also monitor the truck drivers to determine if they are following the route defined by the business owner. Business owners can learn more about concrete truck tracking by contacting a vendor now.  

  1. Tracking the Speed of the Truck

The speed of the truck determines if the truck drivers are obeying all traffic laws or are at risk of receiving a citation. The trucking company will face higher costs if their drivers get a speeding ticket. Not only will they have to pay the fines for the ticket, but the company’s commercial auto coverage premiums will increase because their drivers are not traveling safely on the roadways. When monitoring truck speeds, the owner can contact their drivers about moving violations and reduce the risk of an accident.  

  1. Assessing the Truck’s Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of the concrete trucks defines how much the trucking company is spending on fuel each month. If there are ways to cut down on the cost of fuel, they can review the information from the software to find it. 

If the drivers are traveling outside their designated route, the owner can see where these mistakes are causing higher costs for the owner. They can add the amount they spend on gas each day for each truck and compare these costs. The comparison shows them where to cut down on fuel costs and how to manage their workers better.  

  1. Steady Location Updates If It’s Stolen

If for any reason the truck is stolen, the software can help the owner pinpoint where the truck is located and where it has traveled. The owner can provide the updates to law enforcement and help the officers find the truck and recover it.  

  1. Fast Tracking for the Route

When reviewing the route the trucks are traveling, the owner could find areas where there is less traffic and improve the arrival time. The owner can reroute trucks if there was an accident or if the traffic has slowed down. It is important for the drivers to arrive on time and get the concrete delivered to the correct location when it is expected. The software shows the location of the truck and all routes connecting to its current location, and the business owner can provide information to their drivers and prevent delays.   

Fleet tracking software provides help for trucking companies that deliver concrete to worksites. The software can help the owner pinpoint driver locations and find better routes for the drivers. They can use the software to track expenses related to each truck, and the owner can cut down on fuel and maintenance expenses. By using the software, the business can streamline processes and cut down on overhead costs.  


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