5 Expert-Approved Ways to Improve Safety in Construction

Though the construction industry has gotten safer, there is still a risk to workers. In 2019, 1,061 workers died from a construction-related injury. In fact, about 1 in 5 work-related injured are in construction.

With fast deadlines and pressure to finish projects, construction safety may not be prioritized. To help you and your workers stay safe, here are five of the best ways to improve safety in construction.

  1. Ensure Strict Safety Education 

One of the most important things to do on your construction site is to establish constriction site safety rules and education. If you’re a construction manager, you’re responsible for ensuring safety protocols are followed.

The more educated your workers are, the safer it will be. Your workers should know the fatal four and understand how to prevent them.

Before arriving on the site, provide workers with proper training and safety equipment. Workers should know how to use the equipment and how to avoid major safety hazards.

Workers should lock up heavy machinery and ensure that they inform construction managers of any potential safety threat.

  1. Provide Appropriate Equipment 

Another important component of construction safety is ensuring you have the right equipment. Equipment can literally save lives.

Depending on the construction site, workers should have both job equipment and personal protective equipment. Job equipment includes the tools and supplies needed to complete a particular job.

Personal protective gear is the equipment needed that protects the workers while they are completing a job. This includes helmets, eye protection, hearing protection, foot protection, and other protective items.

  1. Conduct Daily Site Inspections 

One way to prevent health and safety hazards on the construction site is to conduct daily site inspections. This can address safety concerns before they arise to a more dangerous level.

You should conduct safety inspections before and after work. It should become part of the regular routine that your workers come to expect.

  1. Enforce Proper Documentation 

Proper documentation should be consistently used to track all the jobs that are being done on the site. You should also have documentation of all the workers and contractors on your site. This includes all the proper certifications necessary for job duties.

This can go a long way in preventing any future lawsuits as a result of an injury.

  1. Enforce Strong Supervision 

Strong supervision of the construction site is imperative to maintaining proper safety protocols. Those supervising the site should be capable of enforcing safety standards and they shouldn’t make exceptions.

They should be trusted individuals that won’t look the other way during safety violations. Though it may be inconvenient, it will prevent injuries and deaths.

Now You Have a Few Ways for How to Improve Safety in Construction 

All five of these tips can make a huge difference in improving safety in construction. Though construction sites can be busy places, you should never overlook safety processes and procedures.

After all, these safety measures can potentially save lives. So, don’t push it off any longer. Start enforcing these safety measures on your construction site as soon as possible!

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