5 best ways to sell on Instagram

Instagram isn’t just a social media platform used to share intimate photos anymore, it is now a great source of additional revenue for businesses. This is not hard to see why, with 1.074 billion users on the app. That is over a billion potential customers, more than you will find anywhere else. We all know that social media is important to any business and it’s especially true for construction companies. The more followers you have, the more potential customers you’ll have. When a business is looking to expand its customer base, social media can be an invaluable tool. You have to grow your audience before you can expand your business, so that might be the first strategy you have to develop before taking the next step. Doing that can be either difficult or simple, depending on which direction you are going to choose. To be more exact, which tool you’re going to use. The easiest way to gain Instagram followers is hiring a marketing agency, such as Growthoid, that will do everything for you instead of you doing it yourself. It will help you grow your audience in no time, and you will gain real followers that truly care about your business. The only question left to ask is how can you sell on Instagram? How to get started? This article will discuss 5 of the best ways to sell on Instagram.

Sell on Instagram shopping

Instagram shopping is a feature on Instagram that is a storefront that’s customizable where people can directly shop on business profile pages. There is also an Instagram shop that allows people to do in-app shopping and discover many different products from different brands across Instagram.  The shopping posts on Instagram look like organic posts except that they have a tag attached that gives product names and prices when users “tap to view product”. Instagram shopping is a great and affordable way to have a store on Instagram that allows a wide reach of people to access your products from anywhere using their device and shopping is convenient for them as well. It is ideal to have a store on Instagram because of the large number of people on the app that can potentially stumble across your products.

Teach people how to use your products

As a business, creating tutorials are an important business move. Tutorials are an excellent way to show your customers first-hand how to use your product as well as just inform them about your product in general. Tutorials are a great way to interact and answer questions that customers have about your product and you can clear any misconceptions that customers have about your product or business. A great feature that Instagram has that you can use to give tutorials is Instagram Live. This is an interactive feature where you can connect with your followers in real-time so they can ask questions and you can answer them on the stop. This type of interaction creates brand loyalty and trust which is of utmost importance. It also encourages people to purchase your product.

Let people peek behind the scenes

Another way to sell is to do behind the scenes footage. It is important to let people into the process of creating the product because it makes them feel connected to the product and they get to know your business and product on a more personal level. It also gives them more trust in your product which is important for building loyalty. As a business, you can potentially gain more customers and make more sales. Behind the scenes footage also has the power to boost engagement.

Post teasers

Evoking emotion is very important and teasers are a great way to do this. By posting teasers, you create anticipation and excitement for when the product is released and you also make people more fascinated with the product. This will make people want to buy the product which is the ultimate goal.

Create exclusive sales

A great idea is to have discounts and launch sales or promotions on your products. This is guaranteed to boost sales because people absolutely love saving money and sales and discounts appeal to people a lot. So if you wish to generate more sales and gain more valued customers, have sales, discounts, and promotions.

Your business can truly gain from selling on Instagram. It is a great platform for you to reach your customers and educate them about your product. Instagram is for the growth of businesses by providing features to help you grow such as the in-app shop where users can browse and purchase products from various businesses. You also can use the app to answer questions about your product and give customers tutorials. Instagram is interactive and you can post sneak peeks to gain the customer’s attention and get more customers. Lastly, sales and discounts are your friends.

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