4 Tips On How To Make Epoxy Floors Last Long

Epoxy Floor coatings can add pounds of beauty to your existing floors and extend its useful life. Apart from making your home beautiful, it will also help protect from grease stains, moisture and other problems.

Epoxy floors are known to last long if your floor is properly installed with basecoat and topcoat. But poor maintenance can decrease the life of your floors and you wouldn’t want that, will you?

Here are some tips that will help you increase the lifespan of your epoxy floors without breaking your bank!

1. Keep The Epoxy Floor Clean

As simple as that! Remove dirt and other debris from the floor by a dusting mop or a soft bristle brush broom. If you let the dirt build up then you may have a hard time cleaning the floor. A quick clean once a week saves you time and effort.

The saw cuts on joints of the floor should be cleaned at least once a month. The suction attachment on your vacuum can do this job very efficiently and keep your floor nice and beautiful longer without any dirt stuck in the grooves.

Epoxy floors are pretty durable but any spills should be cleaned immediately even water left for too long can damage your floor.

2. Repair Damage As Soon As Possible

In high traffic areas, like garages, even if you take care of your floor properly it can get damaged. Repairing a small amount of damage is easier to minimize damage and cost. Experts at Brookhaven Epoxy Floors share their experience of fixing epoxy floors. They say that half of the damages they’ve fixed in epoxy floors were caused when the homeowners completely neglected a small scratch or crack. If the cracks, stains and scratches are left alone they will spread to other parts of your floor as well.

Once that happens you are going to have to make the difficult decision of having your floor repaired or replaced all together.

3. Use Walk Off Mats To Protect Your Floor

Walk off mats will protect your floor from ice, snow, water and dirt. Placing a basic welcome mat at each entry so people can wipe their feet before stepping on the floor will get the job done. You may want to put a long walk off mat on areas where people come and go a lot. This simple mat will protect your floor from the hard objects stuck to your shoes. You don’t want tiny nails and stones to scratch the floors.

4. Only Use Safe Cleaning Products

This one tip is usually ignored but this simple cleaning precaution can keep your epoxy floor from withering away with time. Many people prefer to use half a cup of ammonia with diluted water but you can also replace that with pre-prepared washing and cleaning liquids. With those too, make sure to dilute with 3 parts of water.

It is important to clean and disinfect your floors and there are a lot of commercially available products for that. But before you use them, make sure you choose something that doesn’t contain acids, including citrus and vinegar. Citrus leaves a pleasant scent but the acid will eat away at your epoxy. Using dishwashing soaps should also be avoided although they won’t damage the floor but will leave an unattractive film over it

Clean epoxy floors? That’s one less thing to worry about in your house. Now that your epoxy flooring is protected and will be durable for long, you can focus on adding interior style options to make your home more stylish. Epoxy floors might seem hard to keep but with these simple tips, you can keep your floors looking new!








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