$39B in Federal Construction Bids & Crew Housing

The tricky relationship between housing and construction bids

With increased demand for infrastructure improvement and matching increased demand on available housing, nomadic construction crews are in a pickle. As of today, there are over $39B in federal construction bids which have been marked as either post-bid or accepted. These stages are critical to crews as they are the part of a bidding process where often housing for crews is finalized based on the monetary amounts allocated in the bid. While it is beneficial to know what amount of money you can spend on housing before searching for leases, the logistics of dealing with a set amount of money in a volatile market isn’t simple by any means. For any large job like those included in these federal bids, there are bound to be workers on the payroll who specialize in areas such as plumbing and HVAC, land removal, painting/ coating, and other critical construction trades. In many cases, construction companies much rather send these specialists to a job site and house them there rather than try to source the work locally.  As nomadic workers, continually moving sites and houses, while being fully committed to the immense workloads these projects can demand is taxing. Fortunately, there are now solutions that allow construction companies to free up internal resources that may be in high demand due economic or workforce-based external factors and refocus them away from finding housing. 

Say goodbye to any available traditional rentals 

Mortgage payments are now higher than rent prices in 45 of the 50 largest U.S. metro markets and consumer interest in the cheapest housing opportunity available is going to increasingly head in the direction of budget-friendly rentals. This spells bad news for construction workers, considering the already tumultuous rental market is becoming more popular amongst the average consumer. As demand for rentals increases and with a potential recession looming on the horizon, apartment complexes will be happy to take longer term rentals from everyday consumers over 3-month leases from construction crews working a temporary job site. So, what is left for these workers? 

Don’t wait, find an on-demand solution that works now

In today’s housing market, time is of the essence. Limited amounts of time and money necessitate that the search and selection of housing for crews all over the country be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Hunting for short-term rentals for nomadic workers can now be found in on-demand formats similar to how someone looking to travel for a week-long trip might rent an Airbnb. These construction bids, like vacation travel plans, take a lot of time to finalize and it’s not worth putting them at risk due an inability to secure housing before the project is slated to start. These on-demand housing specialists, such as Travelers Haven, are able to field requests from any company with nomadic workers based on common denominators such as regional location, distance to job site, and price range based on bids and deliver multiple options that meet any crew’s needs. With billions of dollars on the line, there’s no need to take on more risk when modern solutions exist.


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