3 Types of Wood Furniture for the Bedroom

Deciding on bedroom furniture for your home can be exciting. However, it can feel overwhelming at the same time with so many options to choose from.

Wood offers a sophisticated, earthy feel to any space. If you are like most people, you aren’t an expert on wood material and its longevity. Luckily for you, we have taken the guess work out of shopping for the perfect wooden furniture.

Figuring out your price point, style, and finding the best pieces for your home no longer has to be a hassle. Read on for a list on three types of wood furniture to consider. We know you’ll find a style you like!

1. Pine

Pine is a type of softwood. It’s one of the more popular wood furniture options for a few reasons.

For starters, it’s cheaper than most other woods, it’s versatile, and varies in color. Your bedroom is a space that should represent relaxation and feel like a safe haven. Pine bedroom furniture offers just this. It’s quality wood that comes at a great price and doesn’t compromise comfort.

Along with being one of the most affordable wood options, you’ll enjoy the different styles available. Usually found in the colors yellow or white with brown knots, this wood tends to give a rustic feel, popular in farmhouse-style furniture.

Thankfully, it can be manipulated and changed to any color you choose. However, it’s important to note, that since pine is considered a soft wood, it is prone to scratches.

2. Maple

Next on the list is maple. One of the most well-known hardwood types, this option is perfect for heavier furniture such as bed frames and dressers due to its durability.

Because of its naturally creamy white color, this wood is often seen in more modern traditional homes. Since this color is naturally light, it pairs well with other neutral colors. Much like pine, maple is able to be manipulated to create the look you are going for. This wood is often stained to create a more luxurious feel.

It’s important to seal maple properly when it’s stained, or it can have a blotchy appearance.

3. Walnut

The final wood on this list is walnut. This hardwood is more straight-grained than pine or maple. It’s commonly seen in chocolate brown or yellow colors depending on the part of the tree the wood was taken from. The outside of the tree tends to produce yellow, whereas the inside portion creates a darker chocolate color.

Due to its rich color, this wood is commonly associated with contemporary-style homes. Since walnut is a wood with a bold appearance, it’s often known as a statement piece, perfect for designing around. Walnut is a popular wood that can be used for a variety of bedroom pieces, typically bed frames, nightstands, and vanities.

It’s important to note that, due to the strength of the wood, walnut is often more expensive than its counterparts.

Which is Right For You?

The right option for you depends on your likings and budget. The beautiful thing about decorating your space is that there are no rules regarding how you can decorate. It’s more important to pick pieces that resonate with you and then design around them.

Most importantly, furnishing your space your way doesn’t have to cost a fortune when you’re mindful of the materials you are using. Pine, maple, and walnut furniture is long-lasting, giving you a great value for your money. It also blends in nicely with most surroundings, making the designing process easier.

Browse around these wood options to find the perfect bedroom furniture today!

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