3 Tips For Hiring Construction Executives

Starting a business in the construction industry is beneficial as this industry continues to grow, all thanks to the number of aging buildings and growing population worldwide. Opening a company in the construction industry also allows you to choose from different specializations – from offering general contracting services to specializing in civic building, eco-friendly construction, or residential housing.

You can enjoy many benefits when you decide to start a construction business, but keep in mind that you’ll have to hire executives to help you out. Starting a construction business isn’t a walk in the park, and that includes the hiring of construction executives who are usually multi-skilled, adaptable, seeking contingent engagements, and equipped with better self-knowledge.

For you to end up hiring the best construction executives, take note of these three tips:

  1. Outsource Construction Recruiters

Scanning through thousands of applicants and choosing ones that possess the skills that your business is looking for can be time-consuming. If your hands are full in overseeing other areas of your business, opt to outsource construction recruiters who can scout, interview, and hire construction executives on your behalf.

There are now construction recruiters who will easily find construction executives, regardless if your business is involved in commercial, residential, heavy industrial, or renovation construction. These recruiters work by conducting local, national, and international searches to provide the best construction executives for your business.

Leaning toward this direction is a cost-effective investment because construction recruiters have years of experience in the industry, which means they know how to hire the best talents in the industry. Hiring them can also save you a lot of time and effort as they can easily provide top talents who can help advance your construction business.

  1. Promote From Within

Your employees are valuable assets because they affect the daily operations and long-term success of your business. How your employees perform can also influence the brand your business creates in the industry.

If you have been working with your employees for quite some time, consider hiring an executive from within. Internal recruitment reduces your time to hire, saves you a lot of money, and shortens onboarding times. Promoting construction executives from your current workforce also strengthens employee engagement.

When promoting from within, take some time to observe your employees and look for leadership skills among them. Be creative and keep in mind that the best construction executives could be anywhere within the company.

Ideally, the construction executives you’ll promote from within should be confident, has good communication skills, and possess building and engineering knowledge. This person should also have strong reading and math skills and hands-on experience with technology and a solid set of management skills.

  1. Expand Your Search

If you think you’ve exhausted all of your efforts, but are still not getting any applications for your construction executive position, expand your search. More often than not, geographic boundaries can prevent you from finding the best executive for your construction company.

When expanding your search and hiring applicants from another city or country, these tips can come in handy:

  • Highlight relocation-related perks: Offering a competitive salary isn’t usually enough if you’re going to look for and hire construction executives outside of your location. These people usually have limitations in applying because they fear that their monthly salary will be spent on their relocation.For you to attract the best construction executives, highlight relocation-related perks when posting job ads. You can mention that the company will shoulder their relocation and travel expenses and even provide an allowance as part of their benefits as new hires.
  • Be careful about languages: Certain phrases and words mean different things, depending on which country they’re used. For instance, the term “ballpark” is commonly used by Americans to measure something, but citizens living in other countries might not understand what this means.When expanding your search to hire construction executives, pay attention to the language you use. As much as possible, use simple words and phrases – ones that imply the same meaning regardless where they’re used.
  • Mention your onboarding process: Employees hired outside of your city or country will likely feel lost when they start working for your business and can become the reason they won’t stay on.Make sure that this doesn’t happen by mentioning your onboarding process whenever you get the chance to talk to individuals who want to join your business. This will give assurance and direction to the talents who are interested in getting and keeping the job.

Think Long-Term

The growth of the construction industry has attracted thousands of businesses to open up, which means that you have to look for ways to make yours different. Fortunately, hiring the best construction executives can be the solution to this dilemma.

If you want to jumpstart your construction business, exert time and effort in hiring construction executives by following the tips in this article. The process of hiring can be taxing, but the results will be worth it in the end!


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