3 Reasons to Buy a Water Filtration System

Water is one of the most important necessities of being human. We simply cannot function without water, requiring it for our bodily functions and our continued existence. It’s even estimated 80% of all migraines stem from dehydration, which simply serves to prove the point. 

Our water supplies, however, have been tainted and contaminated. Unbeknownst to the average person, while we as a species go through extraordinary lengths to ensure the water we’re drinking has been purified from contaminants that could negatively affect our health, by the time it comes out of the tap, it’s dirty again. 

There are many reasons for that – and many reasons you should consider purchasing a water filtration system for your home. In this article, we’ve given a quick list of a couple of reasons you should consider a filtration system! 

My Tap Water Is Dirty? 

If anything, your tap water is dirtier than you could ever imagine. While it might not be dirty enough to come out yellow or brown, most tap water is outright infested with innumerable germs and bacteria that can run amok on your health. 

As previously described, this is not an intentional process. You see, every urban center has a water purification plant or, at the very least, a direct connection to one. No tap in the United States receives water that has explicitly not been purified unless talking about an exception or a freak accident. 

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how much the water has been purified. The water pipes set in the ground were installed a very long time ago, and unsurprisingly, they’ve started to fall into disrepair. 

Therefore, after your water “receives a bath” by the filtration system and is made squeaky clean, it goes through a tunnel of nothing but dirt and grime to finally come out of your tap. 

3 Reasons to Buy a Water Filter 

There are many reasons why you should consider a water filtration system for your home. Some of them might not be obvious, however, so we’ve detailed a short list for your reading pleasure. 

Clean Drinking Water 

Obviously the most important advantage, a water filter can leave your water perfectly clean and healthy. This means that it removes all harmful contaminants from the water only to allow the beneficial minerals present within. 

The alternative is drinking tap water, which has most likely been contaminated with lead, chlorine, or worse. 

Helps Save Money 

If you’re the type of person that buys bottled water every day, then we’re glad to point out how a water filter can save you help an enormous amount of money. The average savings amount of a medium-size family home can easily range between $500 – $1000. A filtration system might be expensive, but it’s going to pay itself off in a couple of months – and several times over. 

Protects the Earth 

Following up on bottled water, the single-use plastic bottles in use are one of the most harmful aspects of our global production. Producing plastic is extraordinarily expensive in many regards, from the type of materials needed to the amount of energy required, and creates a lot of pollution. 

Worldwide, an estimated amount of about 480 billion plastic bottles are used each year. Unfortunately, only approximately 35% of that number is recycled – the other is dumped in a landfill, covered with a roof, and hidden from the world at large for as long as it takes to decay. 

Every single-use plastic bag or plastic bottle we use significantly shortens the time we have to avoid a catastrophic future. Be conscientious of your choices by cleaning your water, saving money, and helping our planet at the same time. 

Tastes Just Like Water 

While the difference between tap water and filtered water might not be readily apparent, the fact of the matter is that many of the harmful contaminants present within it have been removed or made impotent. 

In the end, drinking filtered water will always be better than tap water, and there’s no doubt about it. 

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