3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Funeral Services

1. Choosing the Wrong Package 

Making the service too long, too short, or too impersonal can reduce its impact on attendees. Every funeral is a unique event, so you’ll need to make sure you choose a service package that suits your loved one’s personality and style. Ask yourself whether they would have wanted a formal affair or a more relaxed event and consider how you can incorporate their individual tastes into the service.  

Another crucial factor to consider is the cost. The average funeral costs almost $8,000 in the US, but everyone’s means are different, and services can be planned for much less or much more than this. It can be tempting to look at all the great options a funeral home offers and choose the one that appeals the most, but it’s crucial to consider how you will pay for it. By having upfront conversations with other family members, you can avoid misunderstandings. 

2. Not Making the Invitations Clear 

The last thing your guests want to do while grieving is trying to figure out when and where the funeral will be held. All the relevant information, including the time, location, how to RSVP, and information about the deceased should be clear from the invitations. If not, you might be bombarded with calls, emails, and messages from people who would like to attend but have questions, or you might be disappointed at how few people attend the service.  

3. Not Planning Ahead 

Sometimes, a death happens completely unexpectedly. In such a situation, it’s understandable that no arrangements have been made for a funeral. But fortunately, sudden deaths are not as common as they used to be, and most people live to an old age. In fact, the current life expectancy in the US is 77 years, and it is still rising. Whether you’re in the prime of life or in your golden years, planning your funeral ahead of time could be a good idea. 

Not only does it take the financial and emotional pressure off your loved ones, but it also ensures that the service is held according to your wishes. By joining millions of Americans and making arrangements for your end-of-life care, you can prevent a rushed event and make sure your loved ones can grieve without worrying about hiring funeral home services at the last minute. 

The days and weeks after a loved one pass away are always extremely challenging. A unique and emotional funeral can ease some of the pain and provide attendees with a memory to cherish. To make sure your service goes well, you should plan ahead, send out clear invitations, and choose a suitable package. 


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