2 sides of martingale system used in casino games

One thing that casinos in general have is that the house always has an advantage over the players. As such, most of the players are always looking for new ways to overcome this house advantage. The martingale system is one of the most used strategies employed by players in both physical and virtual casinos all over the world especially for the game of roulette. The Martingale system dates as far back as the 18th century. The game gets its name from John Henry Martingale, an owner of one of the most popular gambling houses in Britain at the time. As was earlier stated, the martingale is one of the most used strategies for hedging on the house advantage in most casino games. The reputation of the game precedes it and is responsible for its application in many games including scraps and roulette.

Just like in many other aspects of life, the best way to get the hang of the martingale system is consistent practice. Whether it’s virtual or physical, the martingale technique has been known to help players polish up their techniques and winning chances. This and many other reasons are responsible for why the game suits beginners so well.

How it operates.

The Martingale system is based on a negative progression. The major idea behind this technique is the basis that it is impossible to have consecutive losing bets all the time. The concept of negative progression is built on players increasing their wagers when there are losses and reducing it when there is a winning streak. According to history, most professionals that have used this technique have confirmed it to be quite simple and easy to understand.

There is a long list of games to which the martingale system can be applied. Although the strategy is generally viewed to be more applicable to games with even money bets. However, history has shown that it can also be applied to pass and don’t pass wagers. The players have the freedom of selecting their wager amounts, although it’s advisable to keep bets on the menial side.

The recurrent issue with the system is the considerations on if the system works due to the goal of every player being the need for an edge against the house.


There are several variations of the martingale system available for players to choose from; each of which has specific options for online players.

Classic Martingale. The classic version of the martingale is essentially the most used variant of all the variations. It involves wagering on specific colors while playing roulette. While playing roulette on casino.netbet.com, players are expected to start their bets from the lowest on a color of their choosing.

Mini martingale. This version is a subset of the classic version of Martingale. However, in this version, there are limits on the double-up bet amounts. This is considered a major advantage for this variant because it helps the players save money.

Grand martingale. This is a more hostile version of the game variants. When using this variant In most casino games, helps the players overcome some of the major flaws in the gaming industry.

In general, the martingale system has a number of advantages and some shortcomings. For starters, the system has a major advantage for making short-term wins which are somewhat certain. This could also become long-term if the player has not had a losing streak. Another upside to this system is that it can apply to both professionals and beginners in the gaming industry. On the downside, the major problem with this system is that it does not give any guarantees of winning. Also, the players might experience a series of losses before making any win.

Overall, in the gambling industry, the martingale technique has been seen in games for several years. Even though there are certain concerns, its current relevance after several centuries is evidence of its success.

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