18th Edition Training Course: Everything To Know

The 18th edition program is designed for aspiring electricians, electrical contractors, and anyone who needs to understand BS 7671. This three-day electrical training course aims to become acquainted with the layout, substance, and implementation of the BS 7671: 2018 18th Edition Regulations. In addition, it is designed to ensure that persons are familiar with the format, substance, and application of the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671: 2018 18th Edition Regulations upon completion of this course. 

To be successful in this course, you need to have a basic grasp of electrical concepts.

  • The scope, the purpose, and the essential principles
  • Definitions
  • General features evaluation
  • Safety precautions
  • Equipment selection and installation
  • Examination and testing
  • Installations or places that are unique
  • Appendices

What Is The Purpose of This Course?

If you work on electrical services in the UK, you should be familiar with BS 7671 since it relates to the wire installation you will be working on.

If you don’t have the 18th Edition or don’t know the requirements, your installations may not match the current standard, which may imply they’re hazardous or inefficient.

The IET Wiring Regulations is a comprehensive book (dubbed the “big blue book”). Therefore, it is expected that most individuals would not memorize it from beginning to end, which is OK because no one expects this. However, you must be thoroughly informed of its contents and uninstall it.

If you wish to work in this field, you will require the 18th Edition certification. When applying to register as a home installer on a competent people scheme, you will also need to demonstrate that you are up to date with the most recent qualification, even if you have previously passed a Level 3 NVQ. You will also discover that holding this certification is required when registering with the new ECS Check System.

If you do not have this qualification, you may have difficulty finding work with significant businesses and agencies since they may need this qualification as a minimum for electricians working for them.

Why should you take this course?

Essentially, if you operate in electrical installation, you will want to ensure that you plan and install following the most recent standards. In reality, beginning in January 2019, all installations must be prepared following the 18th Edition wiring regulations. Even if they have already achieved a Level 3 NVQ, anyone wishing to register with a competent people programme must demonstrate that they are up to date. In addition, anyone wishing to register with the new ECS Check system will also require the most recent qualification.

Other reasons to take the course are as follows:

  •  Wiring Regulations Courses come with a full money-back guarantee.
  • A diverse selection of sites around the United Kingdom (More coming soon)
  • For many years, we have been providing wiring regulations training.
  • Course materials and future updates are available online.

To Wrap It Up

In July 2018, this three-day course went live. The course’s goal is to ensure that applicants understand the 18th Edition wiring regulations, where they can be found in the book, and how to apply them in the real world. 

Anyone working in electrical installation will need to have this qualification. All plan providers will assume you have the latest 18th edition qualification. We have several years of expertise teaching wiring regulations courses and are proud of our 98 percent pass record.

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