10 Solutions for Storing Holiday Decorations

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The world is still in the middle of the greatest public health crisis in a century. But that won’t stop the holiday season from arriving as it does every year. In a few months’ time, we’ll be basting turkeys, carving Jack-O lanterns, wrapping presents, and putting up decorations. 

Many people like to store Christmas tree ornaments, bubbling cauldrons made from cardboard, and holiday wreaths to save on money or for sentimental reasons. However, not all of these will make it to the next Thanksgiving dinner, Halloween party, or Christmas day brunch. As such, you must take proper care to ensure that holiday decorations last you and your family for a couple of years at least.  

Save Your Sanity with Seamless Organization 

People seldom use the same decoration for different occasions. So it’s reasonable to expect that most attics, garages, and other storage spaces will hold boxes of trinkets for Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, and so on.  

Just stuffing all sorts of decorative pieces in a box or large bag will increase the chances of them becoming worn out. Not to mention untangling tinsel from that gauzy spider’s web you made two years ago could leave you crazy with frustration.  

Organizing your holiday decoration will keep you sane while allowing you to get more use out of them. It also makes it so much easier for you to bring them out and hang them up.  


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6 Storage and Organization Tips 

Organizing your seasonal decor can become overwhelming very quickly if you’re not used to it. Hopefully, the tips below will give you a good idea as to how or where to start.  

1. Label holiday containers 

Labeling doesn’t just mean taking a marker and writing “Christmas Stuff” on the side of the box or bin. You can be more detailed by using an index card to list what’s inside each container. When done, tape it to whichever side of the bin faces front. Using detailed labels will allow you to keep your items looking organized, uniform, and easily identifiable. 

2. Don’t use hooks for garlands and wreaths 

Hooks might seem like an efficient way to store holiday wreaths and garlands. However, these will just put pressure on those decorations. Hanging wreaths can also put pressure on the fibers, weakening the part that holds the entire thing on the hook.  

Use hooks and other similar devices to hang that assortment of holiday gift cards instead. This will keep them from getting crumpled and allow you to reuse them.  

3. Keep holiday pillows and blankets fresh 

Airtight containers are the best option for storing holiday pillows and blankets. With air vacuumed out, they won’t be susceptible to mold and mildew. Store holiday pillows and blankets in airtight containers to preserve them.  

As mentioned before, holiday decor is often stored in attics or basements where it can be exposed to drastic differences in temperature. Using airtight containers keeps must and mildew at bay so your decorations last longer. 

Don’t store dusty or dirty pillows and blankets either. Clean them thoroughly before placing them inside airtight bins or bags.  

4. Separate your wrapping paper 

Reusing old wrapping paper is more environmentally friendly than always purchasing new ones every year. Keep holiday wrapping paper apart from those that you might use for birthdays or anniversaries.  

Separating and organizing wrapping paper, you won’t have to dig through everything when you need supplies for a birthday present. You might consider creating a DIY wrapping station using containers of different sizes and file gift bags inside one large bag. Organize bows in one small container on top, ribbon in a second small container, and other supplies in a third. 

6. Frame holiday keepsakes 

Christmas keepsakes fill your home with the memories you hold most dear. Pretty frames are a great way to store holiday cards and letters. The same goes for that colored drawing from your child to Santa or that handwritten note from a beloved family member who has since passed.  

Framing holiday keepsakes help you easily preserve them for years to come. Remember to store framed keepsakes with bubble wrap to ensure they’re packed safely.

Use proper storage devices 

There are some holiday decorations you just can’t put in a box. For these, you’ll need to use special storage devices. For example, there are sturdy and adjustable bags for Christmas tree storage. These bags will allow you to keep artificial Christmas trees in good condition while they’re in the upright position.  


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4 Clever Storage Hacks 

You can use a few everyday household items to store holiday decorations. You can even recycle storage containers used for other things. Here are some ideas. 

  1. Egg-celent ornament storage 

Tiny and round ornaments that go on the tree will fit perfectly in reusable egg cartons. It’s a clever idea that saves your cartons from the trash while preventing delicate ornaments from breaking.  

2. No coffee breaks 

Coffee filters aren’t just for making a delicious bean brew. They’re soft, flexible, and can adapt to the shape of those glass ornaments you treasure. Using coffee filters will keep them protected and in perfect condition for next year’s use. 

 3. Bottle ’em up 

Use an empty soda bottle to curtail beaded garland tangles. You might think the beads would get stuck, but they slide out easily when you tip the bottle over. A plastic water bottle works too!  

 4. Not just for clothing 

Garment bags are great for storing wall-hanging holiday decor. You’ll find that they come in handy for things that might shed sparkles or spruce needles if they’re jostled too much. 


Proper storage of your holiday ornaments preserves them so you can use them next year and the years after that. Storage solutions need not be expensive. Everyday household items can double as reliable receptacles for delicate ornaments or tangly garlands. Finally, taking the time to label the storage bins and boxes you’re using will save you a lot of grief come the holiday season. 












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