VaproShield New Accessories for Rain Screen Design

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VaproShield is pleased to announce the addition of two new accessories to their product line: VaproShims™ and VaproMat™. Designed to tackle the costly and time-consuming installation process frequently associated with rain screen design, VaproShield’s newest accessories provide superior building envelope ventilation at a minimal cost to contractors and consumers.

“We are always improving our product line to offer best in class rain screen design,” said Lee Snyder, Managing Partner. “These new products do just that.”

While each of the new accessories offers versatile features, VaproShims and VaproMat, in particular, were uniquely tailored to different project types. VaproShims are used under horizontal cladding attachment components to create a ¼” vertical rain screen drainage plane. This simple design adds tremendous drying capacity to the building envelope without adding wall thickness, making VaproShims ideal for projects using traditional cladding types like metal panels, composite panels and wood siding. VaproShim’s neoprene/EPDM composition seals fastener penetrations and is tested to the ASTM E331 standard against water penetration.

“VaproShims are so easy and cost effective to install,” notes Snyder. “They allow you to create a rain screen [design] behind almost any type of cladding.”

By comparison, VaproMat, a lightweight, polypropylene drainage matrix with an integrated filter fabric, is designed to create a positive drainage cavity behind cememtitious claddings that traditionally do not incorporate a rain screen cavity. Ideal for use with stucco or cultured stone, VaproMat comes in two depths, 3 mm and 7 mm, and is designed to keep the drainage cavity unobstructed during the lath and plaster installation for rapid drying of the building envelope and cementitous materials.

“VaproMat offers, especially to our stucco/stone and masonry clients, the ability to install a first class air barrier [WrapShield SA Self-Adhered WRB/Air Barrier]. The clients are then  able to overlay VaproMat to create a much needed drainage plane behind stucco,” says Snyder. While the industry does not typically consider masonry clients in regards to rain screen design needs, VaproShield identified and responded to these specific needs directly with VaproMat.

Who is VaproShield? 

Who is VaproShield? For over a decade, VaproShield has designed and manufactured high performance mechanically attached and self-adhered vapor permeable water resistive barriers (WRB), air barrier (AB) membranes and accessories to create a total solution-based approach to protecting the building envelope. Their innovative features, such as integrated tape on the membranes, permeable hybrid fluid-applied flashing for rough openings and WRB sealant have been rigorously tested together to maximize life-long building envelope performance and minimize building failure rates.

For information about VaproShield, contact Carol Danhof at 616-608-9995, or visit

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