The Virtual Sky Is Indistinguishable From Magic

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Arthur C. Clarke once said that the highest forms of technology are indistinguishable from magic. He said this largely as a comment on the rapid pace technology was developed to include a wider variety of applications than was initially thought possible. This mentality is very much still truth, especially in the case of LED technology. Every day, it feels like something new is being unveiled which further increases its value to the industries it supports and the world as a whole.

The “magic” of technology is quite prevalent in the newest model which has been revealed. In a way, it could almost be taken literally. Why, you ask?

You’re a Wizard, LED

Well, if you have watched the Harry Potter films or read the books, then you are probably familiar with one of the most standout features of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Granted, there are many features which make the magical school… well, magical, such as the changing stairs, the mythical creatures in 3rd floor corridor on the right-hand side, and the talking portraits. But the feature we are concerning ourselves with is the magical ceiling in the great hall which illuminates the night sky much like a window. You have to admit: that was pretty cool.

Well, LED technology is now turning that ceiling into a reality.

Check Out What Spell Has Been Cast

An article we found in LEDs Magazine talks about a new LED-based light display which is capable of creating one of the highest-quality simulated skies in the world right now. The producer, a small start-up in Detroit aptly named Artificial Sky, is marketing it toward artists primarily, but the new grid has far greater applications than just ceiling art.

Why It’s Useful

People enjoy being outside. The fresh air, sunlight, and a gentle breeze do a tremendous amount to relieve stress and help people enjoy life. These days, though, few people spend a lot of time outside. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that on average, people spend 90% of their lives indoors rather than out. Prolonged enclosure can lead to some serious ailments such as clinical depression and, in extreme cases, cabin fever.

Both of these ailments are spurred on by a lack of fresh air and little exposure to sunlight and blue sky. This piece of LED technology can help to combat that by offering indoor people a realistic display of outside without having to be outside. They can be surrounded by nature while sitting in a cubicle.

Applications of a Virtual Sky

The Virtual Sky product can be used in a wide variety of ways. The most obvious application, to us, is office decoration in lieu of a glass ceiling. But this product can also give viewers a special experience beyond just aesthetics. Mark Jenzen, who owns Artificial Sky, states that it is capable of releasing “anxiety, pressure, and short tempered outburst. Hence, it lowers blood pressure, decreases muscle tension, reduces pain and re-directs negative thoughts.”

Medicine and Therapy

These qualities make the Virtual Sky indispensable in clinical applications. Hospitals and doctor’s offices all over the country have already recognized the obvious benefits and have jumped whole-heartedly on the bandwagon. A display like this can help patients recover faster and fend off depression. It can also give dying patients that solace they need as they prepare to move on and help patients in therapy relax on the chair

Office Environments

The Virtual Sky is also most excellent for office environments. As we alluded to earlier, offices, especially cubicles are stressful places to work. They are small. They don’t offer a view of the outside. You have share the space with other members of your team and try to block out the white noise associated with humdrum office work. The Virtual Sky, however, can give team members a simulated sky thanks to the power of LED technology, helping them cope with the 9-to-5 work schedule that can result in some bad cases of depression.

We have seen LEDs used before to simulate nature, such as during the halftime show of the Super Bowl on Sunday or the opening ceremony of the Olympics. But this is the first we have seen dedicated exclusively to producing something pure and simple. Sometimes, it’s not the amount of things you can do which amount to value. Sometimes, even the simplest of products make all the difference.

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