Staying fire-safe this festive season

Commercial smoke alarm battery manufacturer Ultralife Corporation has created an infographic outlining some startling fire safety figures and tips for the festive season. The infographic, available on the Ultralife Corporation website, aims to help hotel managers keep their premises safeguarded against unexpected fire risks over the holidays, while emphasising the importance of smoke alarm batteries.

According to statistics from The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), festive fires cause approximately $14.8mn worth of property damage annually, so – for hotel owners – minimising the risk of a fire starting is imperative.

Ultralife Corporation’s infographic offers guidance on how hotel managers can minimise their risk of a festive fire. Tips include keeping natural fir trees sufficiently watered to avoid dryness, ensuring electrical equipment has been safety tested and keeping a safe distance between candle flames and decorations.

“The holiday season is one where everybody, regardless of religious beliefs, can relax and unwind after a long year,” says Michele Windsor, global marketing manager for Ultralife Corporation. “That is, however, unless you’re a hotel manager, who must be especially vigilant during the period.

“One of the quintessential parts of the festive period is the decoration, lighting and the atmosphere. As many of us escape for a festive break, it’s important that these factors are managed effectively. Not only does this mean taking the proper precautions with open flames and electricals, but also ensuring that smoke alarms are up to standard and in working order.

“Smoke alarms play an important, almost invisible role for many hotel managers, who often replace batteries and forget about the devices for months on end. However, most smoke alarm batteries have a service life of 18-24 months, so the alarms must be checked from time to time, especially at peak times of year.

“Part of the purpose of the infographic is to draw attention to this and offer alternatives, such as lithium nine-volt smoke alarm batteries with a longer service life than alkaline or high performance three-volt CR123A cells, which offer much greater peace of mind to hotel managers.”

Of the batteries currently available to hoteliers, Ultralife’s 9V lithium-ion battery is the world’s longest lasting, with a shelf and service life of 10 years. The battery also boasts a high energy density, low rate of discharge and a lightweight design, making it an ideal candidate for critical devices like smoke alarms.

With the growing trend for smoke alarm manufacturers to incorporate 3-volt batteries into their smoke alarms, Ultralife is set to add a new CR123A battery to its existing range, named the UB123A, in early 2019. This product will be perfectly suited to smoke alarms and many other security devices, as it is designed to offer the highest energy density of any CR123A on the market. The infographic provides further information and allows hotel managers to pre-register their interest ahead of the official launch.

Hotel managers can prepare for the festive season by downloading Ultralife’s fire safety infographic from the company’s website. More information on Ultralife’s range of long-life batteries for smoke alarms can be found at

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