Quality of building insulation precisely measured

greenTEG AG (Switzerland) has developed a U-value measurement tool to assess the quality of building insulation. The U-value KIT is now available on the market.

Every day a lot of energy is spend by heating or cooling of buildings. Too much energy, since a large part of today’s buildings have been constructed before 1980 using low insulation standard. These low insulation standards lead to large amounts of wasted energy and, as a result, substantial financial costs to building owners and occupants. In order to optimize insulation, the quality of the insulation has to be assessed. Precise data on insulation quality of building elements contribute to the determination of existing conditions, justification of investments and validation of completed improvements. Several methods can be used to do so but only U-value measurements with heat flux sensors delivers reliable and precise, quantitative data on the quality of building insulation. The U-Value KIT consists of a highly sensitive heat flux sensor, two temperature sensors and a data logger. The software developed by greenTEG makes read-out and processing of data easy.

The U-value is the measurement unit for assessing the heat loss of a building element. U-values describe how much heat (measured in watt) pass through 1 square meter of a given material when the temperature difference between the two sides of the element is 1°C. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation quality of a building element. There is a large need to measure U-values of building elements empirically in order to obtain reliable and precise data on up-to-date U-values at a specific location. By measuring the heat flux and the inside and outside temperature the U-value can be precisely calculated. A temperature difference of 5°C is sufficient for a precise U-value measurement. The heat flux method is described in ISO norm 9869. The U-Value KIT is developed taking this norm into account and can therefore precisely describe the thermal behaviour of building elements.

The heat flux sensor can be easily mounted to any building element. With the greenTEG U-Value KIT measurements can either be viewed instantly with a connected laptop or further reviewed after the measurement is done with our calculation software. Data points can later on be easily integrated into other calculation models, e.g. for further use to estimate heat requirements of buildings. With the U-Value KIT greenTEG offers a tool, which allows easy and precise measurement of insulation quality and an optimal insight into the energy performance of a building.

For more information visit:  http://www.greenteg.com/heat-flux-sensor/u-value-measurement

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