Marley Radiant Ceiling Panels Offer Overhead Heating

Marley Engineered Products, a leader in high-performance, reliable heating and ventilation equipment, introduces QMark radiant ceiling panels that provide custom, targeted, hidden heat in a wide range of applications.

Able to blend in seamlessly with any indoor building space, the radiant ceiling panels are designed to provide localized spot heating or primary heating where it’s needed. The panels can be specified by dimension and output level for each room to ensure optimal integration with a building’s traffic flow and design.

“These ceiling panels are completely customizable from voltage and size to placement, color scheme and finish ensuring total project integration,” said Andrew Martin, product manager for Marley Engineered Products. “We will work with architects and designers to integrate the panels into a current design or system for discrete, localized warmth and comfort.”

To increase building energy efficiencies and offset perimeter heat loss, radiant ceiling panels warm specific spaces and objects without having to waste heat on the surrounding air, allowing for comfortable room conditions at a lower temperature and cost. With no fans, air movement or moving parts to maintain, the panels’ don’t circulate dust or fumes, are low maintenance and operate quieter than fan-forced alternatives.

The QMark radiant ceiling panels are ideal for installation in hotels, motels, homes and offices; heating in commercial lobbies, hallways, studios and conference rooms; bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and basements; and in temperature-sensitive spaces such as hospital departments and yoga studios.

“The versatility of the QMark radiant ceiling panels make them a perfect fit for a wide array of applications, including drop-ceiling, drywall and surface mounting installations,” said FcuMartin. “We offer complete integration of the panels to deliver discreet and effective warmth and comfort.”

“When considering how best to utilize radiant ceiling panels for unique heating needs, first decide if the technology will be used for primary, spot or perimeter heating and then consider the desired paint or finish,” said Martin. “Once the heat load and level of integration is identified, our team can assist in determining how many units will be needed and what layout pattern and mounting configuration will work in the space.

The QMark radiant ceiling panels are available in flurry white, while made-to-order options ensure the heaters blend in with any space. For complete out-of-sight integration, the panels can be painted in-house with a custom color and silkscreen to match ceiling or wall décor.

Panels are offered in standard 24” x 24” and 24” x 48” drop ceiling panels as well as custom sizes available from 10″ to 28” in width and 24” to 96” in length.

To learn more about the QMark radiant ceiling panels visit or locate the nearest Marley Engineered Products sales rep at

About Marley Engineered Products®
Marley Engineered Products® is a leading North American designer and manufacturer of reliable comfort heating and ventilation solutions for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Founded in 1926, the company’s expertise in thermal engineering began in 1922 with the inception of the Power Plant Equipment Company, which later became the Marley Company.

Today, Marley Engineered Products is recognized by contractors, architects, engineers and HVAC professionals for providing a wide range of high-performance, reliable heating and ventilation equipment. Marley Engineered Products’ brands include QMark®, Berko®, Fahrenheat® and Leading Edge®, providing a wide range of innovative, quality engineered, commercial, industrial, and residential electric comfort heaters as well as ventilation solutions.

Marley Engineered Products’ manufacturing operations are based in Bennettsville, S.C., with regional sales representatives located throughout the U.S. and an administrative office in Burr Ridge, Ill.

Additional information is available at

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