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Innovative Dehumidifier Systems, the developer of the IW25-1, the first direct solution to multifamily unit mold and moisture control, has released the IW25 ENERGY STAR®, an enhanced performance dehumidifier model designed to reduce energy bills and protect the environment

The United States Department of Energy maintains that ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers have more efficient refrigeration coils, compressors and fans than conventional models, which means they remove the same amount of moisture, but use at least 15% less energy.

Innovative Dehumidifier Systems’ new model draws 23% less average power consumption than the original model. It also draws 35% less maximum absorbed current. The coefficient of performance (COP) – the ratio of heat output to the amount of energy input of the dehumidifier’s heat pump – has improved to 1.85 L/kWh. Additionally, overall energy costs to operate the unit are approximately one-third less.

With a water removal capacity of 25 pints per day, the new model makes a broader impact on pre-existing humidity challenges. Removing nearly 22 gallons of water per week, the system is a compact and powerful solution for multifamily dwellings offering several key benefits. The IW25-2 is designed to fit in a standard wall stud cavity, offering owners flexibility in installation location options. The installation procedures are less complex than whole home systems, allowing maintenance staff to install the equipment (depending on the application).  In addition, the IW25-2 offers an occupant lockout feature, allowing the property owner to maintain control of the unit. It’s these features and benefits that separate the dehumidifier as the only unit of its kind on the market.

The new model comes with improved safety and increased efficiency features that uphold the ENERGY STAR certification. Epoxy coated coils extend the life of the equipment by preventing corrosion and improving indoor air quality (IAQ). A protective shroud around the main circuit board is designed to add protection for the unit control board. Auxiliary pump safety contacts were added to the unit control allowing the unit to be shut off in the event of condensate pump failure. A revised grille provides for smoother and more efficient airflow, and lastly, a new compressor and the addition of a row to the condenser coil increase efficiency.
In addition to the energy and cost savings, installing the new IW25 ENERGY STAR® allows multifamily developers to receive points for participating LEED and EarthCraft projects.

To learn more about the new IW25 ENERGY STAR®, visit or call (910) 579-DEHU.

Innovative Dehumidifier offers its premier product as the only multi-family unit dehumidifier system on the market, based on its size, capacity and price. Innovative Dehumidifier is an Ocean Isle, North Carolina based company created by Brian Smith and Tom Honeycutt, who developed the IW25-1 to meet the building industry’s growing demand for a rental space humidity solution. Learn more about Innovative Dehumidifiers at


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