Growth is Easier Than You Think

Small business has always been the backbone of the American economy. The opportunity for growth and prosperity while operating independently and “being your own boss” are what entrepreneurs dream of. So why would a small business owner want to convert to a franchised company?

The truth is, when restructuring to a nationally recognized brand, the small business owner doesn’t have to give up its independence. Contrary to what many believe, the conversion process is simple and easy, and if the franchised company is a right fit, the benefits can help a business grow larger and faster than before. At BELFOR Franchise Group , we provide small businesses with solutions and support by streamlining their operating systems to become efficient, effective and reach their ultimate goal: increased net profit.

With a proven model for success and a plethora of support, transitioning to a franchise is an attractive opportunity for independent business owners who may be struggling to grow. Because of these benefits, BELFOR Franchise Group is experiencing a significant increase in the number of businesses that want to rebrand and grow within the BELFOR family. For those business owners thinking about a franchise conversion, here are a couple of things to know:

• The process is easier than you’d think. While it may seem like converting to a franchise would be difficult, the truth is that it’s relatively simple. The process can take anywhere from 30 days to a few months and at BELFOR Franchise Group, we truly believe that each partnership should be a good fit in terms of services, business model and culture. Ensuring this cohesion takes time and patience but will pay off in the end.

Once both parties agree that the transition is a mutually beneficial partnership, it doesn’t take long to begin the conversion process. BELFOR Franchise Group will invite the new franchisee and his/her staff to a training session to bring them up to speed on processes and services, and the franchisee will have the opportunity to address any further questions they may have on the transition.

• Rebranding will help your business be nationally recognized. Following training, the company will be ready to rebrand. Image is important, as the small business will now be recognized as a nationally known enterprise. Signage, uniforms and marketing materials will all be updated to represent the new franchise.

Brand recognition is one of the key benefits of franchise conversions so consistency in representing the company will be crucial to the success of the new partnership. BELFOR Franchise Group provides each franchisee with a variety of marketing support from digital advertising to local sponsorships to help position the newly converted business.

• Franchises provide immense support in all areas of the business. While this will vary from business to business, franchisors want to see conversions succeed just as much as the franchisee does; as such, the brand will provide the resources, support and solutions to make that possible.

For example, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, BELFOR Franchise Group’s water damage restoration and carpet cleaning franchise, provides new franchisees with a variety of operations support including 24/7 technical support, training and development, national catastrophe support, and in-house estimation teams. This high-level of assistance allows the franchise owner to operate autonomously while still being backed by a proven system, further helping the franchisee to focus on generating revenue and developing their business.

• You’re welcomed into an established culture. While operating independently, many small business owners feel isolated. Under a franchise umbrella, the newly converted business is immediately welcomed into an organization with strong values in place. For BELFOR Franchise Group, new franchisees instantly become part of the BELFOR family. This important focus on culture translates into all areas of the business, helping the owner and location to thrive.

In order to succeed, it is important to let the experts work for you throughout the franchise conversion process. The support and tools that are put in place help expand converted businesses and overall generate a higher profit. Franchise conversions aren’t for everyone but depending on personal comfort levels, this opportunity is designed to help make running your own business much easier. With a proven model of success, nationally recognized branding, high-level of support and established culture and values, you can see why there’s a growing trend that many independently-owned businesses are transitioning to be a part of something bigger and better.

By: Ryan McLaughlin, Senior Franchise Consultant, BELFOR Franchise Group.

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