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Inside a successful tenant improvement project

So you’re considering tenant improvements. Before you jump right in, ask yourself the following questions: What are you trying to accomplish? What’s your ultimate goal? Is it just to make things a little nicer for employees or guests? Or is …

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A look at different ways a steel structure can fail

Whether you are currently working in the construction industry or completing a training course to embark into the industry, you likely already know how much of an important part steel plays in a building’s design. Steel is a very strong …

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How you can create environmentally conscious playground designs

There has been a sizable shift among consumers and businesses over the past few years as the desire for green products and measures has increased dramatically. No longer are the masses satisfied with purchasing products and using services without looking …

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Communication key with subcontractors

Subcontractors are a vital part of most construction jobs, big or small. A study by NAHB showed that constructing a single-family home uses 22 subcontractors on average. If the job is more complex, that number just goes up. Often, subcontractors …

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Casting retail in the best light — The importance of color quality

Ben Graham is the fourth generation of his family to lead Graham’s Style Store—a high-end fashion boutique in Dubuque, Iowa. Founded in 1936, the store has expanded from a menswear store to become a men’s and women’s fashion destination for …

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The benefits of damp-proofing a building

When you are in the construction phase of a building, you need to make sure that you are thinking about the future of the building. One of the popular things to do in construction right now is damp-proofing which not …

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Reinventing commercial fire detection

Protecting life, property, and reputation is now much easier for commercial facilities ranging from hospitals, universities and indoor football practice fields to museums, cultural heritage sites, airport terminals, metro-rail tunnels/stations, and prisons as advanced aspirating smoke detector technology becomes widely …

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Choosing right surface preparation machines & tools

Surface preparation is critical in the restoration of a floor and mistakes at this stage can have catastrophic consequences for the finished result. The key is knowing how to choose the right surface preparation equipment. Elias Garcia Martinez’s painting of …

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7 practical tips on writing a restaurant employee operations manual

The whole idea of creating an employee manual and then circulating it among your employees is a pretty good one, regardless of whether your restaurant has been around for a while or is fairly new. Provided it’s done the right …

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Design solutions for building gardens in urban environments

Building a garden in an urban environment can be particularly challenging: limited space, specific regulations, etc. Following is a non-exhaustive list of design solutions for building a garden in urban environments. Segment the space in different living areas Creating different …

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