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Risk Management 101 for Contracts

It’s an all-too common scenario even for experienced contractors: relying on verbal conversations as a commitment for payment. It sounds simplistic, but too often I’ve seen situations in which contractors have agreed to change orders through a phone call or …

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Cutting claims for compensation by providing preventative solutions

For many Americans, meaningful access to basic healthcare is out of reach. That number is growing as more and more employees are hit with significant increases to their employer sponsored plans and opt to go without healthcare benefits due to …

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Taking on a New York project? Study up on the following statutes

As a contractor taking on projects out of state, you should be aware of locale-specific statutes that can catch you by surprise to your detriment. Here’s a look at some New York laws you should be aware of: 

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Lux Resorts launching Salt brand

Lux Resorts is launching its Salt brand in Mauritius by year’s end. Read the TTG Asia story here

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Courting capital: Finding the right financing

In a world where the options of working with a capital funding firm are many, it is important to make sure that your company is vetting appropriate partners for your business needs. In order to do this, it’s imperative that …

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Business strategy: Diversify or specialize services?

I learned about a company recently that has proactively developed a niche to physically lift homes to meet current hurricane-proof standards. Based on a federal grant for homeowners, the construction company is tapping a need that has meant growth for …

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Merchants Hospitality buys Z NYC Hotel for $43M

Merchants Hospitality has purchased the Z NYC Hotel in Long Island City, N.Y., for $43 million. The buyer plans to add a 109-unit apartment building to the property, where the late former taxi magnate Henry Zilberman developed the hotel in …

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The right fit: 10 steps to better hiring

You don’t understand what happened. He interviewed so well. But it’s six months later, and it’s obvious. He’s not a good fit. You should have known better. He’s just not detail oriented, and this job requires a lot of repetitive …

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Complementing (not competing) a waterfront scene with lighting

The Newport Marriott in Rhode Island is a showcase property in the brand’s global portfolio. The unique 200-plus room waterfront hotel recently underwent a top to bottom renovation, the most significant in its 27-year history. All of the indoor and …

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Solving the leadership gap in the trade industry

The trade industry is undergoing a challenging transition that’s forcing companies to adapt or die. As millennials enter the trade industry, a new wave of entry-level employees are clashing with older generations that have dominated the field—making teamwork more difficult than …

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