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The benefits of damp-proofing a building

When you are in the construction phase of a building, you need to make sure that you are thinking about the future of the building. One of the popular things to do in construction right now is damp-proofing which not …

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Reinventing commercial fire detection

Protecting life, property, and reputation is now much easier for commercial facilities ranging from hospitals, universities and indoor football practice fields to museums, cultural heritage sites, airport terminals, metro-rail tunnels/stations, and prisons as advanced aspirating smoke detector technology becomes widely …

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Choosing the right surface preparation machines and tools

Surface preparation is critical in the restoration of a floor and mistakes at this stage can have catastrophic consequences for the finished result. The key is knowing how to choose the right surface preparation equipment. 

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7 practical tips on writing a restaurant employee operations manual

The whole idea of creating an employee manual and then circulating it among your employees is a pretty good one, regardless of whether your restaurant has been around for a while or is fairly new. Provided it’s done the right …

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Design solutions for building gardens in urban environments

Building a garden in an urban environment can be particularly challenging: limited space, specific regulations, etc. Following is a non-exhaustive list of design solutions for building a garden in urban environments. Segment the space in different living areas Creating different …

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3D alert: On demand light fixtures made possible by technology

Technology has finally made it possible to 3D print everything from toys and artwork to spare parts and even prosthetics in the healthcare field. 3D printed materials have now made their way to the interior tenant construction industry. 

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Liquidated damages provisions in Colorado: Alternatives allowed

Are liquidated damages clauses that allow a non-breaching party to elect an alternative remedy (like lost profits) permissible expressions of private parties’ freedom of contract? Or do such alternatives indicate that the parties never intended to liquidate damages, so as …

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RH testing now much faster with ASTM F2170 update

Flooring industry professionals will be thrilled with ASTM International’s just-released update to the F2170 standard for relative humidity (RH) testing in concrete floor slabs. The update stems from an ASTM-commissioned Precision and Bias (P&B) study conducted in 2014. That study found …

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Library’s architecture uses metal roofs to highlight design elements

When officials in Lilburn, Georiga planned the new double-duty library and city hall building, the vision called for interior spaces that provided ease of access and circulation within the structure, with a shared lobby space on the first and second …

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Construction Composites Market to cross $65 billion by 2025

A 45-billion dollar-fraternity in terms of renumeration, construction composites market stands as one of the most high-potential verticals of the advanced materials domain. These composites endorsed with properties such as light weight, durability, design flexibility, and strength have gained a …

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