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One key to keeping your construction site safe

They may say that everything’s bigger in Texas, but the Lone Star State has nothing on New York City when it comes to the size, scope and scale of its real-estate development projects. The latest example is the Hudson Yards …

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Wolf Creek Library sparks community spirit in historical Atlanta suburb

Places of learning do not have to be passive or drab as they are often portrayed in film and media. In fact, they can be dynamic and informative sites like the Wolf Creek Library in suburban Atlanta. The 25,000 square …

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IoT for construction projects – It’s as easy as ordering lighting

The Internet of Things (often called IoT) for commercial building projects can be overwhelming. IoT is made possible by installing a network of data-gathering sensors into the light fixtures throughout a commercial building. These sensors gather data about light, heat, occupancy, …

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Building value engineering into renovation projects

The Society of American Value Engineers International defines value engineering as a “function-oriented, systematic, team approach to provide value in a product, system, or service.” In renovations, value engineering has always meant one thing: an approach to help clients save …

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How construction cameras are clicking with hotel builder

The Wright Group is a general contracting company specializing in hotel construction and renovations throughout Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Business is booming. 

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The value of janitorial services on LEED and efficiency before construction

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification has been around for the last 15 years. Today, it’s recognized across the globe as the premier benchmark of achievement in green building. And, while not everyone has jumped on the LEED …

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Your guide to pro rental tools for demolition work

Demolition work is dusty, dirty and difficult, but it can be made a whole lot easier if you’ve got the proper tools on hand. While much can be accomplished with a hammer and pry bar, to work quickly, efficiently and …

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Successfully negotiating the contractor-client relationship

A successful contractor-client relationship won’t exist without successful negotiations on the part of the contractor. It almost goes without saying, but what does it mean? Negotiation probably is one of the most frequently occurring activities between contractor and client. We …

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Construction and design trends to watch in 2017

With 2016 behind us, general contractors are heading into the new year with increased optimism despite the fluctuating real estate market. As a full-service General Contracting firm based in Miami, SPACiO Design Build has benefited tremendously from an active condo …

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The lowdown on LED lighting retrofits

The term “lighting retrofit” can be a little overwhelming. What does it mean? What is involved? How much will it cost? A capital improvement that can increase the market value of your property, a lighting retrofit converts older, outdated lighting …

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