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The moving pieces of e-commerce legislation and what it means to you

As many of you may or may not be aware, in the background since 1992 there became a law, as supported by the Supreme Court decision of “Quill versus North Dakota” that basically assured that mail order companies such as …

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Lighting renovation improves aesthetics, reduces energy consumption for multi-use building

Opened in the 1980s, 4890-4898 Taschereau Boulevard is a busy, multi-tenant retail building located in Greenfield Park, Quebec. The two-floor, 36,984 sq. ft. building houses reputable tenants such as Baton Rouge, Neuro Rive-Sud and Vimat – all well-known brands in …

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How to market your construction business with jobsite cameras

Competing in the construction industry can be tough. Your company might be great at building facilities and completing complex projects, but does it have the expertise to build its own reputation in a crowded marketplace? 

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What to do when your workers’ compensation costs go through the roof

When your workers’ compensation costs skyrocket, it can be both stressful and worrisome. But there are some action steps you can implement in order to take control of the situation. 

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Managing your auto fleet risk

The rebounding economy has brought with it a significant expansion in business auto fleets, with companies in construction, transportation and logistics putting more vehicles on the road. That’s generally very positive, but there is a downside: as more technology comes …

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Doing business IRL: Adapting convention centers for the digital era

Chat with any colleagues who have recently returned from an industry gathering or conference, and, in addition to the business debriefing, you’ll likely hear anecdotes, restaurant recommendations, and of course the latest insider gossip. In my experience, there’s no substitute …

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Lighting up the Cypress Boardwalk

Located at a busy intersection in densely populated Cypress, California, a former Office Max location was transformed into hub of indoor and outdoor dining. Pasadena-based architect firm McKently Malak was tasked to tackle the redevelopment project focused on attracting restaurants …

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Why technology may be the answer to workplace accidents in the construction trade

Every year, accidents on construction sites across the globe lead to fatalities and serious injuries. Indeed, incidents such as falling from scaffolding or being struck by a vehicle make working on a building site one of the most dangerous professions …

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Why paper over digital for heavy civil construction equipment inspections works

Heavy construction equipment is immensely valuable to your business; but potentially dangerous and expensive in the event of mechanical issues that affect performance. Regular inspections are a necessity to ensure every vehicle in your fleet is in working order–but the …

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Energy-efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers

Logistics has developed into a science of efficiency. But these days, distribution center efficiency is about far more than how fast you get your orders out the door. Long-term cost efficiencies require specifying for materials, building systems and designs that …

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