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How jobsite monitoring can protecting your construction company from liability

Construction companies have more than enough risks to the bottom line. Litigation shouldn’t have to be one of them. From weather delays to workplace accidents, contractors face a host of potential liabilities. All it takes is an aggrieved party, and …

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Delivering safety and security in uncertain times

Sandy Hook. Virginia Tech. Orlando. San Bernardino. These names — once known simply as schools and cities — now endure as symbolic reminders of once-unfathomable tragedy. Sadly, these horrific mass shooting incidents are now not only fathomable, they have become …

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The science of dual technology in exit signs

For building and facility owners or managers striving to meet fire and safety codes, new “dual technology” exit signs are combining the efficiency of LED lighting with revolutionary new photoluminescent materials to increase reliability and performance over decades of use. 

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Preserving old-school relationships with new-school solutions

E-commerce solutions for the kitchen and bath industry are becoming a must-have for contractor suppliers. This comes with a mandate that combines the complexity of business-to-business with the ease of consumer simplicity. Ultimately, the right online solution can enhance, develop …

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6 types of insurance for contractors you should know

There are plenty of benefits that come with being a contractor. For one, your schedule is so much more flexible than if you were an employee. The money is also good most of the time. But being a contractor also …

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The moving pieces of e-commerce legislation and what it means to you

As many of you may or may not be aware, in the background since 1992 there became a law, as supported by the Supreme Court decision of “Quill versus North Dakota” that basically assured that mail order companies such as …

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Lighting renovation improves aesthetics, reduces energy consumption for multi-use building

Opened in the 1980s, 4890-4898 Taschereau Boulevard is a busy, multi-tenant retail building located in Greenfield Park, Quebec. The two-floor, 36,984 sq. ft. building houses reputable tenants such as Baton Rouge, Neuro Rive-Sud and Vimat – all well-known brands in …

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How to market your construction business with jobsite cameras

Competing in the construction industry can be tough. Your company might be great at building facilities and completing complex projects, but does it have the expertise to build its own reputation in a crowded marketplace? 

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What to do when your workers’ compensation costs go through the roof

When your workers’ compensation costs skyrocket, it can be both stressful and worrisome. But there are some action steps you can implement in order to take control of the situation. 

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Managing your auto fleet risk

The rebounding economy has brought with it a significant expansion in business auto fleets, with companies in construction, transportation and logistics putting more vehicles on the road. That’s generally very positive, but there is a downside: as more technology comes …

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