CCTLed Architectural Mini Series & Wall Wash Optic

CCTLed ARCHITECTURAL MINI from Targetti now offers a Wall Wash optic in its’ popular CCTLed Series. The expansive optic offering found within the popular CCTLed Series will now include a new Wall Wash optic to pair with the popular Spot, Flood, MWFL and WFL distributions. The Wall Wash optic is ideal for retail, hospitality and architectural settings to provide visual interest and to draw attention with its uniform distribution. The compact recessed LED downlight projector features a 4” aperture that delivers a high-performance, versatile and precise aiming solution for architectural lighting. This unique downlight system features interchangeable reflectors and trims to address individual “architectural” project requirements for an extremely versatile solution.

The CCTLed Series is available in both a 4” Mini and 6” Large size downlight in a die-cast aluminum profile that incorporates a unique heat dissipation system to coordinate with the choice of a fixed or adjustable housing. The adjustable projector utilizes a technically advanced friction rotation system to manually aim with a 30° tilt and 355° rotation. The complete series offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive systems of an intricate optic system with different distributions, sizes, and interchangeable reflectors and trims to address individual “architectural” project requirements and light engineering.

Product Features:
• 4” aperture
• Wall Wash: 14W & 20W
• 2700K & 3000K (84 CRI)
• Mounting: Tool-free spring-clip mounting system into integrated housing
• Housings: IC, Non-IC and Airtight IC housings available
• 0-10V dimmable
• Decorative trim ring mounted after fixture installation with twist lock attachment
• IP20 – Damp Location listed with IP54 trim accessory
• UL compliant


About Targetti
Targetti specializes in the field of interior and exterior architectural lighting products and creative custom solutions that are developed in response to specific functional and aesthetic challenges. As one of the most respected and recognized manufacturers of sophisticated architectural lighting solutions, Targetti offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor architectural lighting and creative custom solutions for the U.S. market. We specialize in a variety of recessed downlights, linear and in-ground LED solutions made with the finest quality and craftsmanship.

Targetti products are sold in the U.S. exclusively through the Targetti Group North American headquarters located in Costa Mesa, California and Targetti USA sales representatives. For a complete listing of available products and representatives, visit www.Targetti.US.

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The Garland Company Redesigned, Customer-Centric Website

As part of The Garland Company, Inc.’s steadfast commitment to customer service and innovation, the company recently unveiled a redesigned website. The new site – still located at – is designed to further enrich the work of building owners, architects, contractors and other industry users that Garland serves.

After an ambitious phase of industry research spent surveying current and potential customers as well as internal personnel, the existing site was re-tooled to streamline and improve user experiences online. For instance, new portals were designed for specific clients (such as architects or building owners) to condense and organize relevant information and services. Improved navigation and search capabilities will also benefit site users. And, as always, the site makes it easy to connect with one of Garland’s hundreds of local trained representatives for personalized solutions.

Features of the new Garland website include:

Device-friendly interface – The new site featuresa fresh design that can be easily used on any device, making it more convenient and easier to access from the office or the job site.

Simplified product organization – It is now faster and easier to browse product information for Garland’s large catalog of building envelope solutions including low-slope roofing materials, metal roof and wall panels, coatings, adhesives and more.

Custom portals – Choose from newly built landing pages curated to meet the needs of specific users, highlighting tailored information and resources in one location.

Faster info sharing – Product information, specs and details are now easier to find, download and share.

Same old company – One thing that did not change during the redesign is Garland’s more than 120 years of experience in the manufacturing and building envelope solutions industries. Site visitors will still be able to easily find information on Garland’s corporate values and proud history.

For more information, and to experience the new website, visit

About The Garland Company, Inc.

The Garland Company, Inc. is one of the worldwide leaders of quality, high-performance roofing and building envelope solutions for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. For over 120 years, Garland has continually developed unique product and service offerings that have raised the bar of performance while exceeding the individual needs of customers throughout the world. Today, our network of over 200 local building envelope professionals is strategically positioned throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to provide quality building envelope solutions for single and multi-property facilities. The Garland Company Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

For more information, visit or call toll-free to be connected with your local Garland representative at 1.800.321.9336.

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Iconic NYC building’s lowered energy usage

The Starrett-Lehigh Building is one of Manhattan’s largest and premiere landmark properties, boasting fashion moguls, elite brands and creative companies as tenants. Located in West Chelsea, the Starrett-Lehigh building was completed in 1931 and originally served as a freight terminal. Encompassing a full city block and 2.5 million square feet of commercial office space, the Starrett-Lehigh, like many pre­war buildings, is heated by steam. Historically, when the heat in the city comes “on,” tenants are immediately forced to open windows in order to provide a comfortable climate.

This scenario exists in buildings around the city that are overheated and unbalanced. The situation is further compounded where one side of the building is always warmer, due to solar gain in the winter, while the other side remains colder throughout the heating season. The delivery of heat around a building is typically identical and often provided without any indication as to the internal temperature of the space, let alone the desired temperature setting of the occupant.

Today, the Starrett-Lehigh is not only a symbol of creativity, but a model of innovation and efficiency. Magnum Energy Solutions implemented wireless, valve actuator controls to modulate the amount of steam available to a radiator based on a wireless, self-powered thermostat. Occupants are visually presented with digital information about current temperature and are able to simply adjust a dial on the device to select their desired comfort set point. The valve actuator opens and closes accordingly, allowing the exact amount of heat requested.

Referred to as the “Perfect Pair” this innovative technology has been deployed in countless buildings in Europe already. Now, Magnum Energy Solutions is bringing this technology to overheated commercial office occupants and residential tenants in cities around the US. Although the Perfect Pair can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, hence its name, critical building information can also be collected and reported back to a building automation system. This is the case at the Starrett-Lehigh building.

A Tridium system installed by Sentient Buildings at the Starrett-Lehigh is primarily responsible for driving the wireless control system using data points like temperature, set point and occupancy status. This information is wirelessly transmitted from the thermostat, to a gateway located in the vicinity, called the eBox, and then over TCP/IP back to the Tridium system.

“Integration to a building automation system allows the building to be effectively balanced, by knowing where in the building a call for heating is occurring, ” states Cory Vanderpool, Business Development Director at Magnum Energy Solutions. “Ultimately, this system reduces overheating, saves considerable energy and increases the comfort level of the occupants.”

With wireless, cost effective solutions for controlling radiators, building occupants and owners no longer need to suffer through heating season with unhappy tenants and outstanding utility bills. The implementation of these controls can save around 20 percent on energy consumption and are often eligible for valuable utility incentives.


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HVAC company steps in, cools off service dogs

When a local non-profit organization focused on training service dogs noticed one of their facilities was not staying cool enough, the phone rang and the problem was solved when an HVAC company was looking to help.

Canine Assistants received a call on September 14th from Estes Services whose timing couldn’t have been any better. After a brief conversation, they had determined the Puppy Barn had been warmer than normal this summer. The very next day, Estes sent a diagnostic technician out who identified and repaired the issue on the spot at no cost to Canine Assistants.

“We have a special place in our hearts for dogs, especially those designated as service dogs,” explained Tommy Estes, owner of Estes Services. “We knew this was something we had to do, to make sure all those dogs were not overheating. Having a canine mascot, Bo, we knew this was the right thing to do and look forward to finding more ways to help out such an awesome organization.”

Canine Assistants team members were doing what they could to keep the pups cool by laying out cooling pads to ensure the dogs were not overheating. Keeping the dogs cool is important because dogs have a slightly elevated body temperature in comparison to humans. The average hovers around 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit and a temperature increase in living conditions can potentially create health risks.

“The safety and well-being of our future service dogs is top on the list of importance to Canine Assistants and keeping them cool during the summer months is a priority. We cannot thank Estes Services enough for coming out to the farm to fix our AC system to make sure our dogs have comfortable kennels to stay in. Their
commitment to the community is outstanding,” explained Grace Murphy, Canine Assistants director of development.

The team at Estes Services looks forward to finding more ways to work with Canine Assistants. In the meantime, Bo encourages residents throughout Atlanta to visit Canine Assistants online to sponsor a puppy, find volunteer opportunities or identify items on the wish list to keep operations going.

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Predictive Solutions Launches SmartWork™

Predictive Solutions, the worldwide leader in delivering actionable insights on workplace risk, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product line, SmartWork™.

With over 310 million records, Predictive Solutions’ SafetyNet platform has improved safety and productivity at thousands of worksites around the world. SmartWork builds on the strength of the SafetyNet platform by adding new functionality across six modules:

• SmartWork Collect: Simplify data collection using a smart form framework
• SmartWork Analyze: Visualize data in meaningful ways that lead to action
• SmartWork Process: Manage processes seamlessly using customizable workflows
• SmartWork Predict: Assess workplace risk with predictive insight tools
• SmartWork Community: Reach people anywhere and share critical data within groups
• SmartWork Connect: Integrate into other business systems with ease
“SmartWork is the logical next step in achieving our vision of eliminating death in the workplace by 2050. We’re very excited about these new capabilities that help users improve safety and productivity earlier, easier, and everywhere,” said Kent Szalla, General Manager of Predictive Solutions.

About Predictive Solutions
Predictive Solutions, an Industrial Scientific Company, has been a leader in preventing workplace incidents for over 16 years. They work closely with organizations to deliver actionable insights on workplace risk while creating a lasting culture that eliminates incidents. Their clients include Cummins, Nestle Waters, Skanska, and Monsanto. Learn more at

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PixelFLEX LED & 2017 MLB All-Star FanFest

As part of the annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game festivities, the FanFest is an indoor baseball theme park experience dedicated specifically to the fans of the game. With opportunities to take photos with MLB Legends, get free autographs, plus pitch, hit and run on an indoor baseball diamond, the FanFest is an event like none other. Continuing the implementation of technology enhancements designed to heighten the fan experience, the producers once again worked with BaAM Productions and MSI Productions at the 2017 event, and together they created an LED video tunnel entrance using 3.9mm FLEXLite Plus from PixelFLEX.

“Major League Baseball made it known three years ago that they were going to implement a tiered series of capital improvements to the annual FanFest experience at the MLB All-Star Game,” began Tom Bollard, Technical Director, MSI Productions. “They wanted to bring more technology into the show to make it more dynamic for our younger audiences. Last year, we implemented the LED tunnel walls during phase one of the capital project, and this year we implemented phase two with the integration of the LED tunnel ceiling, both of which used the FLEXLite Plus 3.9mm LED video.”

FLEXLite Plus from PixelFLEX is one of the highest resolution curve-able LED displays on the market and is capable of a 15-degree curve in any direction. With its bright, dense display and high refresh rate, FLEXLite Plus photographs and videos extremely well and its tiles are calibrated directly out of the box to help decrease failure, and insure perfect color and brightness of your LED screen.

“The nice thing about our relationship with PixelFLEX is that they can pretty much do anything with an LED video design,” continued Bollard. “When BaAM Productions started designing the show, we knew with confidence that we could handle any design they wanted. When we received their sketches, we sent them over to the PixelFLEX design team, and immediately got the word back that we could make the FLEXLite Plus LED ceiling a part of this year’s lineup.”

Ready now to implement the technology into the design, the LED video tunnel would be the first attraction experienced by fans as they entered the Miami Beach Convention Center. Wanting to immediately set a tone of excitement for the 2017 MLB FanFest, Bollard knew the addition of the LED ceiling would be a huge hit.

“The design structure was called the arrival module and it was positioned were guests enter the show floor to really create a dynamic first impression,” added Bollard. “Last year, the curved wall screens we did with PixelFLEX were a huge success, so as we added in the ceiling as well, we knew it would truly make the design unique. The curved screens stood about 19-feet tall and were approximately 35-feet wide. The ceiling structure ended up being approximately 30-feet wide and 36-feet deep with a nice, gentle curve to it as well, and it hung directly over the walls to complete the tunnel experience.”

With the load-in date now approaching, it was time to focus their attention to the rigging aspects of the design. Since the design called for a top-hang solution, the team created a custom, metal frame which would also allow for quick installation of the FLEXLite Plus LED video panels.

“Knowing that the LED ceiling would need to hang straight down, it would be bit of an engineering challenge,” explained Bollard. “We ended up creating a metal ‘super structure’ to get the rigging points needed, and that enabled us to get the ceiling loaded in and ready to go in only two days. Once it was up, you could tell it would be a dynamic, in-your-face, Miami-style baseball experience, and the fans absolutely loved it.”

As more live event production companies continue to integrate LED video experiences into their productions, the desire to push the boundaries of creativity only grows as well. When looking for technology a partner to reach these new heights, Bollard knows this is a crucial aspect to the success of a dynamic and memorable LED video design.

“We first worked with PixelFLEX a few years back, and when I first started speaking with them, it was clear that they had the ability to do almost anything we needed with creative LED video builds,” concluded Bollard. “We have since done several projects with them where we needed an out-of-the-ordinary solution, and they have come through every time. They really seem to understand the nuance of the big project with nothing forgotten and nothing left out. As a technical director, when I am thinking of how we’re going to install such creative solutions, they always have it thought through, and it works.”

An American-based LED manufacturer, PixelFLEX offers creative solutions, reliable products, and dependable service for our industry-leading LED display technologies and solutions. Driven towards excellence to meet your standards, PixelFLEX offers a one-of-a-kind design for your tour, event or installation through our award-winning line of LED video walls and video screens. Working with architects, designers, engineers and consultants, PixelFLEX is proud to develop custom LED solutions for each and every customer while also providing top-tier customer support throughout the entire experience. For more information on the complete line of PixelFLEX LED video walls and video screens, visit PixelFLEX at, follow us on Twitter at @pixelflexled or find us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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Hotel Guests Ask “Smart Art” for Service

Soundwall, the leading provider of smart, flat panel art speakers that integrate with the aesthetics and technology in-room, and Volara, the fully integrated voice-hub for the hotel industry, announced today a joint solution that enables hotel guests to make verbal requests of their guest room “smart art” and seamlessly receive the requested service from the hotel. This cutting edge enterprise solution is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other natural language processing platforms and integrates seamlessly into other hotel technologies. Soundwall’s innovative, design-centric hardware and Volara’s hotel-grade software connects guests to hotel staff and services by automated voice. American Hotel Register Company, a leader in embracing forward trends that benefit the hospitality industry, will lead global distribution efforts.

Soundwall’s blend of elegant form and high-tech function make it a perfect showcase of The Gallery, the luxury product division of American Hotel. The Gallery is not only a carefully curated collection of the world’s finest brands, but also a dedicated team of concierge advisors with deep experience in professional design who distribute the highest quality items to hotels on a global scale.

Hotels can select the natural language processing platform of their choice – whether Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or another provider – and manage the voice-interactions across all Soundwall installations in-room from a single user-friendly cloud-based management interface.

Volara engages guests by voice today in leading branded properties including JW Marriott San Antonio, Westin Buffalo, Alexis Hotel by Kimpton Seattle and TheWit by Hilton DoubleTree Chicago, as well as boutique hotels including Acme Hotel Chicago, Marina Del Rey Hotel, Grand Hotel Sunnyvale, and Hotel Walloon, among others. Soundwall has lived as a technology and design-forward fixture in private luxury residences around the globe since its launch in 2014 and has now launched an enterprise grade, luxury line for the hotel vertical.

The joint solution provides an easy, fun way for guests to request services, get recommendations, and generally engage with hotel staff and services just by speaking to the art on the wall. Through the joint-solution, hotel guests can ask questions typically conveyed to a hotel concierge, valet, housekeeper or bellman. The interactions are integrated with existing hotel incident management software such as Amadeus HotSOS and SynergyMMS. These requests generate ticket items that can be immediately addressed by staff to ensure the highest level of guest service. Responses to guest inquiries will be tailored to be consistent with the hotel’s brand and are easily updated in real-time by hotel staff. Requests from guests can be tracked and trends identified to streamline service and create operational efficiencies for the hotel. Also, within the dashboard, staff can update responses to each question to reflect timely offers and upcoming activities. Hotels can expect to generate increased revenue per guest by seamlessly highlighting services and offers available on hotel grounds vs. alternative off-premises options often highlighted via standard search apps on the guest’s personal smart device.

“Volara is thrilled to be working with Soundwall to meld the magic of voice-interaction with the beauty of art and high quality sound,” said David Berger, CEO of Volara. “For guests, it is a remarkable mix of form and function. For hoteliers, it is a business tool that will provide a demonstrable return on investment.”

“Soundwall has always been known for its exceptional beauty, high quality sound and overall WOW factor,” said Adam Goodman, President of Soundwall. “Luxury hotel guests have significant demands and this joint solution provides them with swift responses to their every need while seamlessly integrating with the aesthetics and technology in-room. Soundwall’s partnership with Volara will set a new standard in the hotel space for how beauty and technology can come together to create a truly differentiated luxury experience for guests. It’s great to see the hospitality industry truly embrace guest experience enhancement trends in IoT (Internet of Things). And, thanks to the industry leadership, expertise and reach of global distribution partner, American Hotel, we have a true industry defining solution that is seeing swift adoption.”

“From its interchangeable art to its innovative technology, Soundwall elevates the luxury experience for guests while addressing the needs of hotel operations,” said Helen Lee, Vice President, Merchandising, at American Hotel. “Feedback from hotel leadership has been overwhelmingly positive, so this is much more than a product advancement. It is a creative breakthrough that stretches the imagination, and is bound to redefine expectations.”

“Soundwall delivers on next generation desires in a way that celebrates art forms that have always engaged and inspired,” said Karl Baker, Senior Vice President, Hospitality at American Hotel. “Hotels looking to provide a differentiated guest experience consistent with their brand and the demands of today’s high-end traveler will be hard pressed to find a better aligned product on the market.”

About Soundwall
Soundwall is the leading manufacturer of “smart art” technology for the hospitality space and beyond. Founded in 2014, we are a Colorado-based company made up of individuals who are deeply committed to blurring the line between art and technology. Soundwall is a unique platform that combines art, sound, lights and social technologies to create an immersive and magical experience for users. There is no hidden speaker. The entire surface of the art is a speaker. Many Soundwall customers are influencers in the worlds of art, music and professional sports. Soundwall technology can be found in high-end residences, offices and businesses around the globe.

About American Hotel Register Company
American Hotel Register Company is the world’s premier hospitality supplier. With unparalleled industry experience and more than 150 years of service, American Hotel offers customers 70,000 products, 1,600 national brands, an expanding portfolio of eco-friendly products and best value items from its own Registry® brand. The company also oversees The Gallery, a curated collection that caters to the refined tastes of select luxury hotels. Featuring elegant linens, amenities and guest room accessories from the most recognized brands in the world, The Gallery benefits from an American Hotel supply chain infrastructure that promises fast delivery from distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. American Hotel is a private, family-owned business and parent company to International Hotel Supply, and serves customers in more than 140 countries. Learn more at, or call 1-800-323-5686.

About Volara
Volara is THE provider of custom voice-based solutions to the hospitality industry. Named a TechOvation semi-finalist by Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) and an Alexa Enterprise Agency by Amazon – the only such agency focused exclusively on the hospitality industry – Volara’s proprietary software creates a hotel business tool atop the leading hardware and natural language processing platforms. Volara’s proven best practices ensure high utilization rates and an optimal guest experience – ensuring hotel guests’ engagement is personal and remarkable. Volara enables hotels to serve guests more efficiently and subtly influence their behavior while leaving them with a warm feeling toward the brand. For more information, please visit

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Hilliker Sells South St. Louis County Retail Center

Hilliker Corporation recently sold a 3.6 acre retail complex in South County for $3.3 million.

The retail center, which consists of two separate properties located at 5228 and 5240 South Lindbergh Boulevard, was listed as a portfolio sale. The total square footage of the center is approximately 28,840 sq. ft.

Outback Steakhouse is the primary tenant in the center and will remain on site. The South Lindbergh location is, in fact, the highest grossing location in St. Louis of the steakhouse franchise.

Frank Yocum with Hilliker Corporation represented the seller, NICO Properties I, LLC. In fact, Yocum has a long standing relationship with the seller, having made seven commercial real estate transactions with NICO Properties since 1998. The buyer, DLJ Lindbergh, LLC, was represented by Stephen F. Bahn Commercial Real Estate.

“This deal was a rare opportunity,” Yocum stated. “You don’t see many properties like this in South St. Louis County. Not with the size of the acreage fronting South Lindbergh and certainly not in the retail market for that area.”

After closing the seventh transaction for NICO Properties, Yocum has one remaining listing for his long-term client: 14334-14336 Manchester Rd, Manchester, MO.
The 8,000+/- sq. ft. retail building features a hard corner end cap space of 5,000 sq. ft., is listed for either a sale or lease, and offers great visibility with stoplight access to Manchester Road’s 50,000+ vehicles per day.

Hilliker Corporation was founded in 1985 and is St. Louis’s largest independently owned commercial real estate company. The firm has completed more than 10,000 transactions to date for industrial, office, retail and institutional clients. Hilliker Corporation is located at 1401 S. Brentwood Blvd, St. Louis, Missouri.

For more information on commercial properties, please contact Hilliker Corporation at (314) 781-0001 or visit

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HDR’s Dallas Architecture Studio Managing Principal

Harold Thompson, AIA, LEED AP, is the new managing principal of HDR’s Dallas architecture studio. Responsible for working with the Dallas leadership team to create, execute and deliver great work, Thompson said he is most looking forward to developing relationships with HDR’s clients and his new colleagues. He hopes to foster an environment in which “every employee in the Dallas studio feels respected, invested, rewarded and inspired.”

Prior to joining HDR, Thompson was a senior vice president and managing director for CallisonRTKL in the Middle East. An architect with 20 years of experience, Thompson has done project work in more than 25 countries, including a five-year stint in Dubai in his most recent role.

Before beginning his architectural career, Thompson spent the first 13 years of his professional life in banking and corporate investments. He later returned to graduate school to study architecture and follow his passion for design. He considers his strengths to be creativity, attention to detail and collaboration, and his most treasured professional achievements include the relationships he has made throughout his career.
“Harold brings a unique perspective and diverse background to our Dallas studio,” said Rick Harris, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, East region director of architecture. “He is a true leader and a perfect fit with our culture. We welcome this Texan back to his roots.”

About HDR
For more than a century, HDR has partnered with clients to shape communities and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our expertise spans 10,000 employees, in more than 225 locations around the world—and counting. Our engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services bring an impressive breadth of knowledge to every project. Our optimistic approach to finding innovative solutions defined our past and drives our future.

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Downtown Executive Plaza in Bristol, Va., opening in spring 2018

In the heart of downtown Bristol, you’ll see crews breathing life back in to a nearly-century old building. By this time next year Bristol, Va.’s “Downtown Executive Plaza” is set to be a 65-room boutique hotel. Read the WJHL-TV story here

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