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Now introducing BILD Print Media, a product of Better Life Technology. A one-of-a-kind product, it’s a completely customizable, multi-use print media designed for a wide range of free floating and permanent applications.

Made of 100% polyvinyl, you can print any image on a variety of vinyl surface textures, giving you an endless array of marketing and branding options to build an image with lasting durability. Interact with your customers by creating an environment they will love using custom designed, durable vinyl graphics.

Whether you are placing a large custom graphic in the middle of your high traffic areas or showcasing your brand in a way that your customers will want to stop and admire, BILD is the solution that will bring your concepts to life. BILD’s cutting-edge technology gives grand format and litho printers endless possibilities to expand into new markets. Flatbed, hybrid, roll-to-roll or sheet/stream fed, BILD Print Media offers printers an exclusive, reliable media to produce an unforgettable visual experience for your brand.

Developed for all types of printers, our clear product is best suited for second surface printing and offers the most durable material wear layer in the industry. When that isn’t the best option, BILD has top layer printing solutions offering the utmost protection for your custom design.

BILD SF (Sheet-Fed) offers UV, offset printers a high quality, cost-effective alternative to mass print graphics quickly and with confidence for both flexible and rigid applications.

The entire BILD product line offers superior image protection for years to come without fading, wearing, cracking, curling peeling, or deteriorating under heavy use. BILD reflects the quality of the brand you’re promoting, and is the perfect solution to provide the most durable, beautiful custom graphics for your business.

Surface Coating Surface Material Adhesive Glue
Common sheet vinyl products are not a new trend in the flooring industry. However, most products have the image under a very thin, clear wear-layer, with layers of heavy fillers and foam beneath. This looks great on the surface, but decreases the longevity of the floor with the use of fragile materials compacted together.

BILD print media is a 100% solid polyvinyl flooring solution. Without heavy fillers and foams, this material is both lightweight and completely recyclable. Combine that with the thickest wear-layer in the world, BILD print media is a floor that is guaranteed to outlast and outperform any other polyvinyl product that is produced.

Designed to print sharp graphics at any size gives BILD print media the advantage of fitting into any flooring environment. Complete a business office with a stunning stone floor. Integrate path-to-purchase strategies into a store to increase sales.

Discover the leader in customizable polyvinyl sheet flooring with BILD print media. More info at

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