7 Benefits of Precision Waterjet Cutting

When manufacturing construction materials, precision and accuracy need to be priorities. There’s a very small margin of error allowed with construction materials, as even minor mismeasurements can compromise the structural integrity of a built structure. As such, materials must be cut consistently.

While there are a number of cutting methods utilized today, perhaps none is more effective than precision waterjet cutting. Curious as to the benefits of waterjet cutting?

Read on to find out!

What Does Precision Waterjet Cutting Entail?
Watercut jetting is a cold cutting technique in which exceedingly powerful streams of water are used to cut through various different materials. When this technique is being utilized, psi can reach a staggering 100,000, enabling the water to saw not only through plastic and glass, but ceramic, stone, and metal as well.

Waterjet cutting is comprised of two categories: pure water cutting and abrasive water cutting. Whereas pure water cutting is typically used to cut plastic, rubber, and other soft materials, abrasive water cutting is typically used to cut metal, glass, and other hard materials.

The Benefits of Precision Waterjet Cutting
Precision waterjet cutting has a number of benefits, many of which are not offered through other cutting methods. The most prominent of these benefits include the following.

1. It’s Accurate
Waterjet cutting is one of the most accurate cutting methods available. When performed with top-of-the-line equipment, it can accommodate a tolerance of up to 0.005 inches. This makes it perfect for manufacturing processes which allow for little to no error.
Note, however, that not all waterjet cutting equipment is created equal. While some equipment will offer a tolerance of up to 0.005 inches, other equipment will only offer a tolerance of up to 0.1 inches. For this reason, you need to be sure of what you’re working with before cutting begins.

2. It’s Versatile
When it comes to versatility in cutting, no other cutting method equals waterjet cutting. Not only can waterjet cutting techniques be used to cut a variety of materials (steel, ceramic, plastic, rubber, foam, glass, etc.), but they can also be used to make cuts of all different intricacies.

And regardless of what’s being cut with waterjets, the cuts will be of high quality. Because it’s a cold cutting technique, waterjet cutting does little to weaken the area in proximity to the cut. This is not true of all other cutting techniques.

This allows waterjet cutting to be used in the manufacture of exceedingly sophisticated entities, including everything from rockets to airplanes to racecars and more.

3. It Results in a Clean Cut
If you’re looking to avoid jagged or rough edges, waterjet cutting is a terrific cutting technique to utilize. Because it eliminates the use of heat and shearing and instead utilizes erosion (a gradual elimination of physical matter brought induced by water pressure), it produces an exceptionally smooth edge.

This makes it perfect for the manufacture of objects in which craftsmanship is a major priority. Clean cuts lead not only to optimal aesthetics but optimal functionality as well.

4. It’s Quick
Simply put, waterjet cutting allows for exceptionally quick cuts. Regardless of what you’re cutting, waterjet cutting techniques will typically allow you to cut it accurately within the span of an hour or less.

Generally, the softer the material is, the quicker it will be able to be cut. For instance, plastic can be cut much more quickly than steel. However, in either case, the cut will occur faster than it would have with a different cutting mechanism.

So, if you want to maximize the amount of cutting that you’re able to perform in a day, waterjet cutting is the ideal option. It will substantially increase the amount of work that you can get done.

5. It’s Efficient
Another impressive attribute of waterjet cutting is its efficiency. When using waterjets to cut materials, there is very little waste involved. This is true on a few different fronts.
For example, because waterjets provide such accurate and precise cuts, there are typically no re-dos needed. As such, they save a great deal of plastic or rubber or steel or whatever else it is that you need to cut.

Waterjet cutting is also efficient in the sense that it makes use of recycled water. Therefore, over time, it produces no water waste.

Plus, because it’s so versatile with its cutting capabilities, it doesn’t necessitate that you switch machines to cut different materials. This saves not only time but energy as well.

6. It’s Friendly to the Environment
Looking to be as friendly to the environment as possible? If so, waterjet cutting is just the technique for you.

Unlike many cutting techniques, this one is almost entirely void of harmful chemicals. As such, it does very little to pollute the atmosphere.

Plus, as was mentioned above, it uses almost 100% recycled water. This allows it to thrive with only a minimal effect on surrounding natural resources.

7. It’s Easy to Do
While all manufacturing-based cutting carries a certain level of difficulty, waterjet cutting is actually fairly easy to carry out, particularly when compared to other popular cutting methods.

Waterjet cutting excels at making 2D cuts and — when in the hands of a seasoned technician — is capable of producing 3D cuts as well.

The key is in establishing a sturdy and stable cutting system. If your waterjet is set on a steady surface, it will make easy work of any material you throw at it.

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